Saving Character Changes

  • Perhaps I'm not looking in the right places. I've found out how to change morph/pose changes to a character, but how can I save the color?

    Here's why I ask...

    I have a character when I apply the MAT to it, the skin appears a ghostly green. So, I go in to the Material tab and I select the various parts of the body (torso, forearms, neck, etc.) and I change the color Diffuse Color so the skin has a more natural tone to it.

    How do I save those changes I've made so I don't have to do this every time I use this particular character?

    Here's a better way to put it. For example, I don't like the color of the skin on DAZ's LR Rebecca for V4. So, how can I save the Diffuse Colors for her various skin mats so that I can just load my version of LR Rebecca for V4 and have it look the way I want it to look?

  • Hello dbwalton,

    not sure whether I understood you correctly, but from what I get is that you load V4 from the library, then apply the character morphs, then the texture.
    Of course all this will get lost when you do it the next time!

    The solution is to make all the changes you need, and then SAVE your modified FIGURE as a CHARACTER to the "Figures" library!

    Next time you load this CHARACTER from the library (read SASHA's manual to learn the difference between a CHARACTER vs. a FIGURE!) you will get exactly the same CHARACTER as you saved it, with morphs, textures et al.
    THE LOT! :) :) :)


  • In the material room, select the character you want to save.
    select the material icon on the library (1)
    select save (the plus icon) at the bottom of the library (2)
    in the pop up window name the file, choose material collection (3) and click ok. This will save all the materials for the figure. If you only want to save some of them, use the select materials button to choose the ones you want.

    0_1527886118622_material save.JPG

  • @redphantom THANK YOU! That's exactly what I was trying to find.

    I don't know why I thought it would be different than saving a pose. I think I had convinced myself not to look there since I was in the Material tab, but soon as I started reading your instructions I palm-slapped my forehead and said, "Duh." LOL

    Your input is greatly appreciated.

  • @karina I'll have to try that too. What @redphantom responded with is what I was looking for, but your suggestion might come in handy too. I'll go play with it.

  • @dbwalton Actually, both Karina and Red Phantom are correct. If you make your changes, morphs and all to your character and save that character to the figures library, the next time you load that character, it will load as you last saved it. Red Phantom's suggestion will create a material collection which you can save to the Materials library and apply to your character the next time you load it.

  • @redphantom @karina Well, all is well. I've been testing the suggestions and I see what @eclark1849 is saying that you both have good suggestions.

    My question was answered quickly and accurately and I REALLY appreciate it. This is going to be such a huge workflow/time saver.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone!

  • Incidentally, the 'ghostly green' colour cast could be due to an old technique that was used for faking subsurface scattering on skin. The skin material would have a light cyan tint in the diffuse colour, and this would supposedly be cancelled out by a dull red value in the ambient colour.

    I say 'supposedly' because this would make your character glow in the dark so you had to avoid low light or even deep shadows.

    SSS works a lot better in later versions of Poser, so you're right to want to remove those fakery features. To take it further, EZskin3 is a good way to improve nearly every character's materials (assuming you weren't already aware of it).

  • @englishbob I wondered about that. Thank you for the explanation. But, I now know how to save them once I correct them. :)