Problem with the Wand Tool (W)

  • I had the program for a while, and for the first time I have experimented this issue.
    When I use the shortcut (W) it INSTANTLY changes to the previous tool I used...(If I used the Eraser it changes to that Tool...) I have to double Tap W in order to keep the Wand...
    I captured a Video about it.

    I tried using another shortcut but it stays the same
    Please...I need your help....

  • Yes... the program has a useful feature to temporarily switch ... so if you hold down say W then you temporarily get wand until you release the key. A quick (single ) tap of W should switch permanently to wand. How long you hold down the tool shortcut key to get the temporary effect is set in preferences at File>preferences>Tool>"delay before switching tool temporaril" ... you can even switch off the feature if you don't like it ....but actually its quite useful.

  • Im not sure if this is the same problem or related, but if I fx use a pencil and press E to have the eraser, then after this switching back and fourth then I suddenly have the eraser as the permanent tool. (that is: not going back to the pencil)


  • That's exactly...but it happens only (In my case) with the Automatic Selection Tool..
    I did what 888toto said...and suddenly the program has to "think" a little longer...but I don't have to double tap to access the W tool.