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  • The machine I have Poser on is not connected to the internet....is it possible to download purchases from content paradise onto a flash drive then into the poser program ?..........Thankyou

  • Yes - that's how I always do it.

    (I'm assuming you have a version of Poser that includes the Content room - don't use that, just go to the Content Paradise site and treat it the same as any other online store. You'll get a download link after purchase.)

  • That's cool...I'm using poser 10.....thanks much !

  • How do I load the purchase on the flash drive into the poser program ?...new at this......

  • I have always done my content installation manually, so what I would suggest is to connect the flash drive to the computer you have Poser installed on, and then unzip the product to a temp folder on your desktop. That's what I usually do, and then I open both that folder and the location of my Poser Runtime in 2 separate Windows Explorer windows. Then I just copy the contents from the temporary folder on my desktop to the appropriate folders in your Poser Runtime.

    This will take a little longer than just dragging the temporary Runtime folder over the Poser Runtime folder, but I'm a stickler as to where my files go, which isn't necessarily where Poser wants them all.

    BTW, this is all assuming you're on a PC and not a Mac. If you're computer's a Mac, then you'll have to wait for someone more knowledgeable of the Mac system to help you, but I would still do the unzipping to a temp folder and then moving files folder-by-folder.

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    Once I purchase a product from any store ... I have my download destination file listed on my external drive from my browser ... then I go into Poser ... go to that file and install either from Poser (if that feature is native to the version you have). Or install via whatever zip file program you have and make your preferred runtime the destination.

  • @Miss-B thanks....that sounds good