Victoria 4 eye material anatomy

  • Sometimes I come across problems concerning eye materials in renders when using old faithful Victoria 4. Then it would be good to know which parts of the eye these materials actually cover.
    I searched this forum and also the realms of the internet but I could not find any images properly describing the various confusing layers of materials the V4 eye is composed of.
    Any hints? If not, I will try my hands at a dissection.

  • Just look at the texture templates. They can be found in Runtime->Textures->DAZ->Characters->MilWom->V4

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    The sclera and the iris actually overlap in the anatomy of V4 eyes. There was a thread that illustrated that at Rendo, but alas I can't find it now. bagginsbill showed the structure. Between transparency maps and an adjustment in parameter dials for the eyes ... on issue I always had become easier in the soft transition between the iris and scleras (EyesIrisAlign). I only add this because I have been obsessed with the eyes of figures for years and this was a real help when I found this out. Transparency masks are our friends ... another tip.

  • as @boni has pointed out the sclera (eye white) overlaps the iris and it's helpful to use a transparency map to soften things there at the transition. V4's cornea covers the iris only and really is redundant with the eye surface. I make the cornea completely transparent. You could try my free V4 eye maps and shaders if you like.

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    The thread regarding the V4 eye geometry overlap that Boni referenced is here:

    Annoying edge to irises in renders

    The deconstruction illustrating the situation (from that thread) is this image:


    You may also find this other thread of interest.

    SSS Eyes best technique

    Note that the shaders in this thread are for FireFly, not for SuperFly, but can easily be adjusted to work in SuperFly. (You don't need Blinn AND Reflection in SuperFly - they both do the same thing.)

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    Another quick breakdown (I was curious so pulled V4's eye apart in Modo). From a current perspective it seems an odd & overly complicated structure ...


  • @caisson don't forget that "Lacrimal" should actually be called "Caruncle", since it's the de-evolutionary endpoint of a nictitating membrane (still seen in some reptiles), and not actually related or proximate to the actual lacrymal glands or lacrimal ducts, despite what the modellers have called it in the past. ;-)

  • The EyeSurface is still useful to represent either tears (or oil or other disease processes) covering the eye surface, or scleral contact lenses (like TV and movie "Vampire Blue Contacts" which are never convincing, since they obviously follow the eye's outer surface when viewed obliquely, unlike the iris, itself)

    The worst part of the design, IMHO, is that the pupil has to represent the lighting effects of the recessed retina, without the physical geometry to allow for oblique angle lighting, or red-eye effects to be rendered accurately in PBR (I use a morph which displaces the pupil back to approximately where the retina would be, though there are too few vertices to emulate a true retinal surface). Pink (albino) and violet irides acquire a significant proportion of their red hue from incoming light scattering and reflecting from the retina.

  • Here's my V4 eye dissection, for the sake of completeness:

  • Oh my, thank you all so much for your elaborate replies! You saved me a lot of work and I am much wiser now.
    And yes, it's definitely an overly complicated construction. But I love her anyway...

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    @bagginsbill I knew you would come through!!! I had it bookmarked in my other computer ... but it died a few months ago. Thank you!!

    These are all fantastic references!!!

  • I'm wondering ...

    Since the pupil IRL is a hole, couldn't you simply delete that group of vertices? Easily done with the grouping tool.

    If I weren't rendering something right now, I'd try it myself.

  • @trekkiegrrrl V4's eyeball has no rear surface (open at the back), so you'd get to see the EyeSocket material through the hole, except that the eyesockets haven't been modelled deeply enough to fully enclose the eyeballs, so you'll see intersections too (I made morphs for that, as well).

  • @anomalaus This is what I do with pupils. Honestly, how often do you need "red eye" or something else other than black for a figure's pupils? This eliminates all reflections and hides the geometry so it looks tight. You might mask off the area between the pulip and iris but that is about as tricky as you need for V4.
    0_1528761194262_Pupil shader.jpg

  • @ghostship heh, every time I have a light parented to a camera pointing straight at a character's face I think "In the real world, there would be red-eye here". Or when I'm playing in my virtual Ophthalmologist's surgery. ;-)