How to position a camera as if it's first person in tight spaces?

  • I have a scene of a big closet. The closet is about 12 feet by 12 feet. How do I stick a camera in there and use it as if it's a first person camera where you're inside the closet just looking around?

    It seems the camera always ends up outside of the closet.

  • @zazop FOV of 35 or less should be used.

  • @zazop not FOV but Focal. also try setting hither to 0

  • @ghostship

    Thanks. That worked. I used a focal setting of 15 and got a first person like effect.

    Is that the only way to accomplish a first person camera view?

  • @zazop Human vision is around 50-55mm FOV compared to a pro camera IIRC. I've been told that i Poser the camera setting of 35 would equal this. Your FOV is also dependent on how wide your rendered image is.

  • @zazop you could create a new camera and parent it to a figure's eyeball. If you do the same for both eyes, then you can capture two images at the perfect separation for creating stereograms (3D images to be viewed with either crossed or divergent eyes)
    0_1528857578901_Ladybug, where did these come from X-Stereo.jpg
    This image was captured by just such a pair of cameras parented to the eyeballs, with the focal length calculated from twice the distance to the mirror (individual left & right images were then cropped and pasted together in Photoshop).

  • @anomalaus That's very cool! What figure is that?

  • @anomalaus that's cool but that image needs to be a bit smaller cause it hurts my eys, brother!

  • @zazop V4WM+++, IOW, the weight mapped version of DAZ's V4 with dozens of additional morphs (mostly my own, but including Blackhearted's GND4) and JCM and joint controlled deformers and morphforms for proportionately posing multiple limbs. Essentially my own equivalent of Sasha-16, under continuous and ongoing development since V4's initial release. Eventually I'd like her arm pits to behave with something close to the level of anatomical correctness that @erogenesis ' PE exhibits. (or conversely, to shoehorn all of her features onto PE - which might be less work)

  • @ghostship feel free to scale the image to suit. It's even harder to adjust if I post the non-cross-eyed stereogram, one needs to be wall-eyed to see that properly at full size. The forum preview seems to be a comfortable size to see the effect at less than the full size. I find it interesting to compare what my brain does with perceived object size between otherwise identical crossed and non-crossed stereograms. Cross-eyed ones always feel smaller than parallel.