CenterOfMass, WTH?

  • The Props dropdown from the Parameters window shows a CenterOfMass prop for every figure whether it's a human or an article of clothing. Normally I just ignore it because I usually don't put many clothes on my girls, but in this scene, I'm dressing everybody up, so there are 15 CenterOfMasses and counting. Why is CenterOfMass even there? I remember reading somewhere where CenterOfMass or GoalCenterOfMass was used in auto-balancing, but when would you ever want to alter the balancing point for a conformed article of clothing?

  • @ElZagna the only thing that makes a figure conforming, is the act of conforming it. Any figure could be loaded stand-alone into a scene and posed, whether it's clothing or human or mythical beast. The only time Poser gets to add actors for internal use to a figure, is when it's loaded from the library, and just loading a figure doesn't identify what the final use of that figure will be, base or conformer. The chance to add must be taken when it occurs, so the only possibility is to add it to all figures.

  • @anomalaus OK, I see that, but I still don't know what I'm supposed to do with these 15 CenterOfMasses (or even just one of them).

  • @ElZagna I've never, in the 20 years of running Poser, had to worry about the center of mass.

  • @ghostship & @ElZagna exactly. The only time I ever see them is when they become briefly visible after a change of render settings, sometimes. Then they disappear at the next scene refresh.

    My understanding is that they are intended as a visual reference for when a manually adjusted pose using IK moves the centre of mass vector (pointing towards the centre of gravity - Earth's core) outside the balance supports (a box enclosing the base of all weight bearing limbs), meaning the figure would fall over if released, without extending another limb to restore balance.

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    I've used Auto Balance to tweak a pose quite often - switch it on, grab the ball but with slow careful movements as it's easy to overcook it. I find it helps me ground a pose as I dislike floaty figures ;)

  • I don't have a problem with them being there, but why do they have to show in every menu possible. I'm not going to drape over them or fit them to a different figure.