Symmetry and vectorlines?

  • Hi there

    Today was the first time I used symmetri and it was on a vectorlayer.

    That worked fine.

    Now I was going to touch up and finetune the points and the symmetry did not work.

    Does symmetry only work while drawing?


  • If you want any of those correction tools to work on both sides of the symmetry you go to the tool property setting ...on the "correction" tab and switch on "able to snap"

  • You are right 888toto and thanks

    Many tools have "Able to snap" and it works. This was new to me.

    Unfortunately not all tools have this option.

    The tool I use most "Control point" that manipulate single points have not.

    Do you have a workaround?


  • @Micmac Sorry I have no workaround for that particular tool.... nearest option would be to use the Pinch line tool instead... but its obviously not as precise as you would usually want.