Question: How To MS5/CSP How to Save save current viewport as an image?

  • While working in close I very often find an image worth saving on its own, Im sure I'm not alone in this, but I have found no way to save the current viewport image as a png; except to capture with snag it, but surely there should be a way to do this within the application; I mean the image is right there I just want to export it.

    Sorry about the repost, but I could not edit it, and it seemed several members viewed it hoping for a Tutorial not a Question; so I wanted to make sure it appeared as such.

  • To Create a png you go to File>Export single layer... and select .png

    To make a png of just a portion of the image ( e.g. the portion you are currently zoomed into) you create a selection around that portion of the image and then go to File>Export current layer ... before it saves it CSP pops up a window that says PNG Export settings ...go to the box called "output range" and change this setting to "Selection area" ... and it will just save that selected area.

  • Cool, did not know that about the Export Current Layer, but that would be that portion of the current Layer no? no big there I can generally flatten what I need to even if only for the moment. Thanks again. BB.

  • No need to flatten... the "layer" in the function name refers to it saving it as a single layer...but it will be a composite of all visible layers

  • @888toto Cool TYVM. : )

  • Thanks for this information. It was unknown to me.