I'm looking for a Static Trapeze prop...

  • Hi,

    Does anybody have any idea where I can find a morphable trapeze prop?

    I plan to use it with some V4 characters in Poser but I can't find anything that looks adaptable enough.

    This is the sort of thing I'm looking for - just a basic prop with morphable ropes connected to a bar - ideally with velvet or leather pads at the joins.

    sample pics

    Any advice or direction is most welcome!


  • @rsk Sorry, I can't help, except to tell yo to search Freestuff at Rendo or ShareCG.com

    I am curious to know though, what kind of morphs do you need from the ropes?

  • @eclark1849 Thanks for your reply.

    Maybe I don't mean 'morphable'...? (I'm quite new to Poser functionality and terminology)

    I need to be able to bend and angle the ropes suitably to follow the shapes and poses that the characters are performing. In some cases, this might be a simple mid-point bend in the rope, in a more complex pose, I might want the rope to wrap around an arm or ankle.

    I'd kind of assumed that I'd need the prop to have identified sections that can be moved around with a dial, rather than using a single straight 'tube' shape mapped with a rope texture...



  • @rsk Sounds like you're looking for something that uses "EZ pose" or similar rigging. You MIGHT be able to find some rope that uses it, but again, out of my wheelhouse.

  • I know that Travelling Circus over on Rendo has a swinging trapeze... but I don't think it'll be flexible enough for what you are after.

  • @Cobra
    Many thanks for checking this out. I did see this one whilst I was searching and I think you're right - it looks like it's full of general props rather than a specialist item.


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    @Cobra There would be a learning curve for this ... but you can do what you want with the Travelling Circus ... you would however need to use the magnet system inside of Poser. I don't use it very often, but sometimes it's just the thing and worth a little hair pulling to fulfill your needs.

  • Have a look at these. Might be of use, may not.

    Rope Dance For V4
    The Rope For V4

  • @rlowens68 I think that first one you linked to would be just the thing RSK is looking for, and it's on sale for 1/2 price until the 20th.

    I don't particularly like that second one at all, especially since all the pose promos don't really show how the rope would be used with them.

  • @rlowens68 Hi - many thanks! Rope Dance looks great -
    I'll get it and see if I can make a trapeze with some other bits and pieces...

    Thanks again :)