Roxie Morphset

  • After a while I uploaded a Morphset for Roxie to shareCG.

    Sorry, but I can't upload Images. But there are a few at shareCG.

  • She's cute. Thanks

  • @adp I use a free DropBox account for sharing stuff which won't upload. Unless your problem is upload bandwidth or usage limits.

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    @adp Excellent work. Thank you.

  • Very nice.

  • @anomalaus said in Roxie Morphset:

    @adp I use a free DropBox account for sharing stuff which won't upload. Unless your problem is upload bandwidth or usage limits.

    I don't like Cloud-Services created to spy on people. I used Dropbox a long time ago for a short time. I'm using shareCG for several years now. With no problems at all. It just works.

    My internet connection is fast and without limit. So that's not the problem.

    I just tried to upload images from the editor here, but it say's 'not enough credit' or something.

  • @adp there's a deliberate anti-spam policy on this forum which prevents anyone posting an image within the first post of a new thread. If you're quick enough (they've greatly reduced the time available to edit a post down to 150 seconds, which is barely enough to correct a typo or two), you can edit and upload an image to the initial post.

    Your reputation should definitely be enough to post images, but no-one gets to automatically on the first thread post.

  • @adp in actual fact, I've just realised that though I had also previously used DropBox, what I've found friendlier to use is, which is nicely set up to put links to uploads in your clipboard for pasting into forum posts.

    Also, my DropBox is constantly full with all the other things groups I belong to have shared with me (mostly choral music scores), so there's no room left for my own stuff.

  • @anomalaus Thanks for the description how this forum works.

    There is a button in the editor that says 'file upload'. Can we use this to upload zip files with scripts or something?

  • @adp I've tried that (the bar with the upward arrow), but I can't remember if I ever got it to work, so resorted to posting links to files on mega.
    0_1529148617565_Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 2.39.55 pm.png
    Well, the above image was uploaded with the Upload File editor button, though I normally use the Upload Image button (Black cloud with white arrow), but I seem to remember having problems uploading python scripts with it.
    [](Uploading 100%)
    No, File Upload definitely fails with Error not enough privilege on a zip file for me, so links are the only possibility, so far, but png and jpg images shouldn't be a problem. (Except on the first thread post)

  • @anomalaus
    Upload as mycontent_thisisazipindisguiseasimage.jpg used to do the trick.
    Not anymore?

  • @fverbaas well, I suppose lying to a forum bot about the type of file one is uploading is fair game when it lies to it's users about the issue being insufficient privilege when the feature has actually been blocked for everyone. Then again, maybe reputation is not synonymous with privilege level and their's no point scrambling to contribute and garner reputation if there are no privilege rewards to be had ;-)
    Well, I'm not sure if that will be downloadable, but it didn't give me an error when uploaded. But that's just a totally stupid concept, if you can load any arbitrary file by mis-naming it as an image file. It's on an equal level of blithering idiot-hood with the unfixable style sheets. [DANGER: Will Robinson!!! Incendiary Rant Detected! Consumption of alcoholic beverage mandated to prevent extinction of all planetary life!!!]


    [OK, chilled now.]

    [Edit: the zip file named as jpg got uploaded, but there's no link to download it, so that's a bust]
    [Edit2: Oh, wait, the cursor changes when I hover over that blank line, so maybe it will download]

  • So I stay with shareCG for uploads. Until I find the time to work on my 'Share 'n Connect Poser' project ;)

  • @adp file uploads, yes, of course, but you should be able to upload images here.

    @fverbaas it appears you have to right click to download the "zip file as image" or you get a message that the browser can't display such a jpg file.

  • Is Roxie Reborn really supposed to be only about 1.30 m tall ? That is very "petite" for a Caucasian type woman. Behind her is the normal height Roxie.

    0_1529240228249_roxie reborn.jpg

  • @DarthJ Mhhhh, nooo....
    Seems I forgot to reset the scale after trying if scaling works...

    Will update the file. Thanks for the information.

  • Scale corrected and uploaded.

  • She looks cute! Thank you :D

  • @adp Very nicely done morph!


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    Very beautiful morph :) Thanks for the freebie!