transform a flat 2D image to a 3D animation?

  • Correction. It was 2004-2005

  • Another animated sequence I loved, but this is more hand-drawing over video.

    From Starz' "DaVinci's Demons" opening.

    (A bit of trivia. The opening song sounds exactly the same played backwards. There are clips of it on YouTube. It will blow your mind. The composer did it intentionally that way, because DaVinci wrote a lot of stuff that appeared exactly the same forward and backward. Interesting little tidbit for your head).

  • @seachnasaigh - I would like to transform a drawing that my granddaughter has drawn, starting with a simple sketched FISH on a background representing sea water.

    I have already made a GIF modifying the image slightly each frame to represent swimming using a mesh distortion. Cutting the fish free from the background and making the sea look like it's flowing and the fish moving. I want to take it further creating the 2D fish into a fleshy 3D swimmer![alt text]0_1529283105257_fathersday fish.gif

  • If I understand correctly what you want to do, you'll have to model the fish so that the model looks like the drawing. And then blend it together in a video editor. At least as far as I know.

    Poser can wriggle the modelled fish, providing it is made poseable in the first place.

  • @trekkiegrrrl

    Moho Pro makes this kind of stuff a breeze.

    I suppose you could do something similar in Poser, perhaps creating a medium-res 2D plane and an opacity map that makes everything transparent around the fish ... and then using morphs or magnets to make the fish wiggle.

    For the ocean, you'd probably need a seamless image. Not sure what the best method of doing that would be, perhaps someone more versed in animation can help out with that.

  • @trekkiegrrrl If I understand you correctly;

    Create a 3D frame image of the fish then cover it with the Fish drawing like

    Thats what I was thinking are you aware of any video tutorials specifically doing this?

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    If you want to animate a 2D image, then I'd agree with @Deecey that Moho is the ticket.

    If you want the fish 3D, then as @trekkiegrrrl you'd need to model a mesh of the fish, and either bone-rig it or make morphs (swish left, swish right, etc). Those require pretty advanced skills; you may want to use an existing fish model (maybe re-textured to match color, etc). Another option would be to pay a freelancer to either build/rig a custom fish model.

    As for the flowing water, @Deecey is right again; a sequentially numbered series of wave/caustic JPEGs looped in time as well as being seamlessly tiled. You can download Eldar house and get the needed water animation texture files. For your project, I'd just make the water material more transparent than the stream beside Eldar house.

    Eldar house at Renderosity freestuff (need all three zips)

    Eldar house at ShareCG (need all four zips)

  • @seachnasaigh Thanks for your input. Looks like I’ll be busy if this is to turn out how I want, without further investment. I'll post the final when I've had enough...

  • @circulairpsm said in transform a flat 2D image to a 3D animation?:

    @trekkiegrrrl If I understand you correctly;

    Create a 3D frame image of the fish then cover it with the Fish drawing like

    Thats what I was thinking are you aware of any video tutorials specifically doing this?

    Sadly no. I've never even though of doing something like that until now. But it would look cool though :)

  • @trekkiegrrrl I read and considered all input, you understand what I am thinking of, I thought it would be possible with the Apple programs I have, Moho is out of the price bracket for what I want to simply animate the actual drawing and colours from a flat 2D merging into a fleshy 3D and swimming. When I figure it out I'll post it. Thanks again...

  • Now that I'm thinking of it ... A fish with either a flat morph or simply scaled flat ... and then "growing" into the fleshy part. That's how I'd do it.

    The fish would still have to be modelled, though. But it would be easy enough to make.

    If you post a larger version of the fish drawing I can give it a try tomorrow.

  • @trekkiegrrrl I have discovered MagicalSketch 3D by Shade 3D, which I already have Shade 3D, made 3D image with MagicalSketch 3D then opened it up in Shade 3D. Currently saved as 'Face' according to manual I should be able to paint on an object - learning as I go...slowly... Once completed I should be able to import it to Poser or continue in Shade 3D..! I have the 3D fish.obj object but apparently I don't have enough privileges to post my basic 3D fish.obj shape on here...?

  • @circulairpsm posting images on the forum usually works with low privilege/reputation levels, but no-one I know of (perhaps the forum admins can) is able to upload obj files or python scripts or zip files directly to the forum (except by deliberately mis-naming the file with an image file extension). If you have a ShareCG or DropBox or account (all free AFAIK), you can upload your files there and post links here.

  • @anomalaus OK! for anyone who is interested, heres a screen shot: ![alt text]0_1529489585860_Fishmesh2.1.jpeg Needs bit of refinement WIP....

  • @circulairpsm will that tool path let you convert to quad mesh, rather than trimesh? (I must hunt up my mouldy copy of Shade3D and check)

  • @anomalaus Last night - Shade 3D after importing it there was something about changing it to UV? still got a lot of reading to do myself.. Version 14 Basic. 🙄

  • @circulairpsm It's that old Paradoxical Anomaly phenomenal Scenario....