Is Weightmapping Sydney hard or impossible to do?

  • I'm just curious. I'm thinking about giving it the old college try if for no other reason than just the experience. So are their any problems or difficulties I should be on the lookout for?

  • I tried my best to weight map Sydney.
    There are so many asymmetrical issues in the mesh that it is far to easy to break.
    On top of that, even if you don't break it, it doesn't transfer well to the cloth at all in the chest or crotch areas.

    If you take Sydney's mesh into Blender and look at the chest, there are odd doubles in a line, and the chest isn't symmetrical at all. Many of the things you do to weight map get mirrored to the other side.
    That doesn't go so well, even when using a script designed to mirror the mapping on an asymmetrical mesh.

    There are many other areas in the mesh that are not symmetrical, loose vertex's, etc, as well.

    If you accidentally mirror the rigging without using a script for asymmetrical meshes, it goes horribly wrong.

    The buttocks bones adds some complexity to it as well.
    You can handle it a few ways, depending on how you do your thigh rigging.

    You can weight map Sydney, but not to a level that I would consider distributive...

  • @shvrdavid Why didn't SM just fix the issues with her?

  • Because it would have literally broken everything ever made for her.

  • @ssgbryan said in Is Weightmapping Sydney hard or impossible to do?:

    Because it would have literally broken everything ever made for her.

    No one had to upgrade. And from what we've seen recently, that's not even an issue anymore. They should just fix the issues, weightmap her and let people convert the clothing they have to fit her. V4 has far more clothes and they did it for her.

  • But who would be needing a weightmapped Sydney?

  • @F_Verbaas JCMs would work on spere mapped figures as well. ;-)

  • @F_Verbaas Anyone who wanted one. Who needs a Genesis 8?

  • I would love a weight mapped Sydney (as well as Jessi and Olivia). The SM G2 figures are actually my favorites, along with Miki 2.

  • I would like a weight mapped Sydney. I actually have an early beta (or maybe alpha) of Shvrdavid's efforts. I have used her some, but clothes don't always like her.

    As far as fixing her in an update and breaking clothes, for as little as she has, it wouldn't be much of a loss. She was never supported much by vendors. Had they gotten on it early, it would have been even less.

  • @redphantom

    I wasn’t concerned about the clothing - it is all of my morph sets for her. When I load all of them, she has as many as V4.

    I don’t know if I have every character made for the SM G2 figures, but I do have well over a hundred.

  • @ssgbryan Honestly, I never liked using Sydney as much as I liked Olivia and Jesse. Sydney just seemed to have a permanent scowl on her face no matter what I did. Sad thing is, I know some real girls like that.

  • @eclark1849 said in Is Weightmapping Sydney hard or impossible to do?:

    @shvrdavid Why didn't SM just fix the issues with her?

    No clue, it was offered by more than one person to correct the G2 figures so they could be properly weight mapped.

    Personally, I think the meshes should have been symmetrical from the start.

  • Sort of off topic, but it is sort of Sydney.... Well, lol, some of it actually is...

    Here are some screen shots of the Sydney G3 I came up with.

    0_1529419653970_shoulder.jpg 0_1529419668955_abs.jpg 0_1529419676613_back.jpg 0_1529419686693_abs_side.jpg 0_1529419734246_hip.jpg 0_1529419760412_quarter.jpg

    And for the most part, I could transfer just about any morph I had for Sydney to it with a script.


  • Me likey!

    Would that script work with transferring 3rd party morphs (and figures)?

  • Not sure, but it might. It is based on Cages script that transferred V3 morphs to Antonia.

  • While I haven't played with her in ages, I do have one of shvrdavid's early versions of weightmapped Syd from the old Poser place days...

    0_1529427556316_SydWmA2acarwrist fixedcrop.jpg

    Clothing was an issue, but I never tried her with the fitting room

    Except for the quirks noted above and the megapoly eyeballs, it's a decent mesh. Couldn't a weightmapped variant now be distributable with the changes in the licensing since those days?

  • @wandw

    The only figures in Poser 11 that are redistributable are Paul and Pauline.

    Given the mesh issues that are inherent in Sydney (asymmetrical, floating vertices, there are even a few unwelded polygons around the neck as far as I can recall), ungodly high polygon count in the teeth and inner mouth parts (40K polys alone can be removed if you remove one or two subdivision levels from those), all that stuff would need to be addressed for a respectable update. That would mean releasing a new mesh along with the weight mapping. It would also break the face room support and all supporting character morphs that are already out there.

  • That's right, it was the teeth; it was Miki 1 with the ultra-HD eyes. I hadn't considered the Face Room, mostly because I've never gotten any usable results with it...

  • @wandw

    To make matters even more complicated, Jessi G2 and Olivia G2 may share the same body shapes, but have entirely different head geometry so it wouldn’t be straightforward to create morphs from your changes to the body. Morph transfer morphs of the head leave less that optimal results.

    Tried it all, gave up. :-(