Animals In Poser

  • I was wondering if there was a way to edit the breed of an animal, like a cat, in Poser. I know you can somewhat change the colors but I haven't been able to change the breed if that is possible how do I do it (like the ears folding for a Scottish fold)? If not what would you recommend? I did take a look in materials but there isn't a folder for cats. I thought about trying to make a funny thing with cats so I would need to be able to have them make facial expressions as well as changing breed, size, etc

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    Hello and welcome.

    Animals are the same as the other figures.
    Poser comes with a range of animals, and they all can be adapted using morphs and changing (read that as creating) new texture for them.

    Depending on the Poser version you have, please take a look at this video tutorial of mine on how to morph Poser figures (and that includes the animals and props) to whatever you like.

    And if you want to up the detail level please look at the next video's too. (7 in total on how to enhance your Poser experience)

  • @tsanders Also, many animals like the Hivewire Dog and cat have morphs and textures available for purchase that allow you to change their breed and even species. You should look for these additional purchases when you buy the main figure. Usually, the stores will have links to them in the description.

  • The Hivewire horse has numerous breeds available.

  • The default Poser cat is kinda hard to do much with. It's old, and limited. The Daz Millennium cat or Hivewire's cat are better options for something like a scottish fold. They both have a variety of textures available as well.