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  • @Deecey Thanks! Send me a note if you want to know how to weight map to the feet. It's easy, actually.

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    Just did a small test : Unrendered preview screengrab. => Preview quality !
    And , LOL, Yes that street- dome is my default textured Poser11dome.


    Each arm is a single Vertex Group but has the 3 bones including the hand as end bone.
    (Why create all the vertex groups (and let Poser unweld them) if you don't need them.)

    The hip/thigh are a single vertex group "hip".

    With proper weight/bulge map painting using the Joint editor.
    Something you always have to do when coming out of the fitting room.


    The fitting room "transfers - projects" the weight into the clothing but there is no interpolation going on.
    Translation :
    Only works properly if the donor figure and the clothing have more or less the same polygon density.

    Chase a high poly clothing over a lower poly figure and you have to repaint weight/bulge map.
    Chase a low poly clothing over a high poly figure and you have to repaint weight/bulge map.

  • @vilters Hands that don't pose, boots replacing feet. Why, it's a blow up doll! In a dress with horrid texture stretching at the shoulders!

    A street walking blow up doll, on a ridiculously low poly textured background.

    Everything that's ever been wrong with Poser in one simple image.

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    Grrrr that editing time. LOL

    For the sleeves there was no weight/bulge map repainting required.
    Even being single vertex groups, they follow the figure shoulder and forearms bends automatically if you have included the hands as end bones.

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    Again, unrendered because it is way beyond bed time here.
    Euh what where you saying about the unposable hands?

  • @vilters

    Is that a working texture or a final one?

    Ya'd need some mighty big yarn and knitting needles for that sweater dress :-P

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    Just some quick demo I simply swapped together in 5 minutes including the fitting room pass and leg repaint.
    I did not even spend a minute rendering to respond to these attacks. => Just preview quality will have to do.
    The texture was to simply have "something" on the dress.

  • @vilters

    That's what I figured. LOL

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    oh, and Trace?

    You did not even read everything.
    What you see is a "unrendered preview screengrab" . => The ground texture is 8.192x8.192 .

  • @vilters LOL, even worse.....awful. Just awful.

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    @Glitterati3D I never use the fitting room for rigging. I rig old fashion in the set up room . Also never auto group.
    Can not stand worst rigged outfits from which I have a few .And payed hard earned money for them even :(

  • @Glitterati3D said in Vendor Tales...:

    @Deecey I rig without the Setup room all the time, but I also rig my dresses to the floor with weight maps. It's all in the grouping, which I do not allow the Fitting Room to do because that, most of all, is it's worst routine.

    My rigged dresses follow the pose, including long gowns, and can still be use as hybrid clothing in the cloth room.

    Gown posed:

    Gown simmed:

    I'm not criticizing this gown, just using it as a topic example because it was a quick screen grab.

    But something that I think Poser vendors could and should start doing is to make cloth LOOK more realistic. By that I mean Poser cloth tends to look flat and one dimensional, or extra thick. I think bump and displacement maps help, but real Cloth is weaved, and as a result actually has holes in it that light can pass through. You could put a spot light right next to that gown and no light will get through.

    But look at cloth with the sun behind it.

    It's more translucent, like skin.


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    @eclark1849 This dress what she show is heavy Brocade and not a summer dress.

  • @Ladonna Really just trying to make a point, LaDonna. We're talking about trying to improve the realism in the renders. And it's those little details that make the render more visually appealing.


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    @eclark1849 Yes, I got you, but you can not compare a summer dress or chiffon to heavy brocade.

  • @Ladonna I get what you're saying, and as I said, it wasn't a criticism of the gown, just using it as a quick screen grab. And tuthfully, you put a bright spot behind that dress in the real world you'll at least some light behind her and through the clothes.

    uhoh, Time to make the doughnuts. :) (Go to work if you don't get the reference)

  • @eclark1849 Except, Earl, in this case you're wrong. A designer would make this dress only in heavy, non translucent fabric to highlight the split up the leg.

    Translucence in this case would lead to the eye being misdirected from the slit to the space between the legs confusing the viewer.

    Now, that said, there was a material room MR from Tabala called Merchant's Glory that created cloth room fabrics like you mention. It's long been off the market, but I used it when I was learning the material room and, frankly, it was the only thing that made sense of the spaghetti code that is the material room for me.

    There were settings for things like Cotton Cold, Cotton Warm, Silk Cold, Organza, etc., etc. where you plugged your own painted UV maps into Tabala's settings and it worked beautifully.

    Except for changing the specular settings, it still works beautifully for Superfly, too.

  • @Glitterati3D said in Vendor Tales...:

    Now, that said, there was a material room MR from Tabala called Merchant's Glory that created cloth room fabrics like you mention.

    I have 4 of Tabala's older goodies, but don't think I have that one.

  • Here I used Tabala's Silk Cold to achieve Earl's look. I did disconnect the altSpecular and set the Specular instead, for Superfly.

    I do think, however, it shows the point I was trying to make to Earl. Since the side slit is now not a focal point, the dress becomes "just another gown." While still pretty, there's nothing here that give it a distinct look.


  • @Glitterati3D Now that Tabala set I do have. Geeze, I haven't looked at these in a long time.