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  • @karina No, I stopped looking at the original promos which belied your indigence.

  • @vilters Oh boy, just what we need - another vilters "Sermon."

    Tony, I can't wait until you finish off Poser and turn your destructive skills on Blender.

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    Now 25 years and hundreds of thousands of items later saturation is happening because unlike in real life, digital content does not age and is relatively easy to convert to current standards at end users levels.

    Sorry Vilters. I disagree with one primary point. The Fitting room doesn't create a commercial-quality product. Auto-generated morphs are also problematic. I can create morphs manually much more quickly and with better results.

  • @Deecey Agreed. Just like any broad stripe process, the fitting room gets the base rigging in. Anyone who is a good vendor will STILL have to manually alter every joint, every bend, every twist, every side-side for commercial quality. Then you get to start all over on the morphs.........first the JCMs, then the FBM, then the PBMs. Then you can get started on your own created morphs.

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    Completely agree Dee:

    The fitting room result is not commercial quality, but end users quality.

    Vendors will have to "repair" the unwelded vertex groups anyway.
    So for commercial purposes, of course there is some extra work involved in the obj file repair, the finetuning of the rig, the morphs and general clean-up.

  • @vilters said in Vendor Tales...:

    The fitting room result is not commercial quality, but end users quality.

    It depends on what kind of end user you are talking about. Poser users encompass far more than those who use it for a hobby.

    If you are talking people who just want to create pretty pictures as a hobby, yeah. The Fitting Room will meet their needs.
    But if you are talking people that use content in a more professional area, like cover art, or comics, or motion picture, or television, they will have higher standards.

  • @Deecey No, it won't even fit their needs. THIS is what he suggests is user quality.

    Find me a user who will bother rendering this dress as it came out of the fitting room.


  • @Glitterati3D

    The only thing the fitting room lacks, really, is a bone tool. If you add the bone tool, and the ability to add additional bones in the fitting room, I don't think you'd need the setup room at all.

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    Yes, one gets that result with obj files that are not fitting room compatible.(or if one selects not enough bones to get a proper end point)
    I am going the other way round.
    Less vertex groups, and careful selection of bones up to and including a proper end point. Works each and every time.

    But again; One NEEDS a fitting room compatible obj file. (and select the proper bones including proper end points) (or you get the result shown above) Don't know what Tracy did, but my figures/clothings don't have these mishaps.

    One of the upcoming video's will be about creating clothes and the proper use of the fitting room.
    And my test showed that one needs remarkably few vertex groups, and I don't have a need for extra bones either..

  • @Glitterati3D said in Vendor Tales...:

    @karina No, I stopped looking at the original promos which belied your indigence.

    Allrighty mate - you win!
    Now let's ->both of us!<- please stop derailing this thread!
    Just put me on your ignore list.

  • @Deecey I rig without the Setup room all the time, but I also rig my dresses to the floor with weight maps. It's all in the grouping, which I do not allow the Fitting Room to do because that, most of all, is it's worst routine.

    My rigged dresses follow the pose, including long gowns, and can still be use as hybrid clothing in the cloth room.

    Gown posed:

    Gown simmed:

  • @Glitterati3D said in Vendor Tales...:

    It's all in the grouping, which I do not allow the Fitting Room to do because that, most of all, is it's worst routine.

    I group manually as well. That way I have a clean and welded OBJ to refer to in the CR2.

    PS - lovely dress

  • @Deecey Thanks! Send me a note if you want to know how to weight map to the feet. It's easy, actually.

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    Just did a small test : Unrendered preview screengrab. => Preview quality !
    And , LOL, Yes that street- dome is my default textured Poser11dome.


    Each arm is a single Vertex Group but has the 3 bones including the hand as end bone.
    (Why create all the vertex groups (and let Poser unweld them) if you don't need them.)

    The hip/thigh are a single vertex group "hip".

    With proper weight/bulge map painting using the Joint editor.
    Something you always have to do when coming out of the fitting room.


    The fitting room "transfers - projects" the weight into the clothing but there is no interpolation going on.
    Translation :
    Only works properly if the donor figure and the clothing have more or less the same polygon density.

    Chase a high poly clothing over a lower poly figure and you have to repaint weight/bulge map.
    Chase a low poly clothing over a high poly figure and you have to repaint weight/bulge map.

  • @vilters Hands that don't pose, boots replacing feet. Why, it's a blow up doll! In a dress with horrid texture stretching at the shoulders!

    A street walking blow up doll, on a ridiculously low poly textured background.

    Everything that's ever been wrong with Poser in one simple image.

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    Grrrr that editing time. LOL

    For the sleeves there was no weight/bulge map repainting required.
    Even being single vertex groups, they follow the figure shoulder and forearms bends automatically if you have included the hands as end bones.

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    Again, unrendered because it is way beyond bed time here.
    Euh what where you saying about the unposable hands?

  • @vilters

    Is that a working texture or a final one?

    Ya'd need some mighty big yarn and knitting needles for that sweater dress :-P

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    Just some quick demo I simply swapped together in 5 minutes including the fitting room pass and leg repaint.
    I did not even spend a minute rendering to respond to these attacks. => Just preview quality will have to do.
    The texture was to simply have "something" on the dress.

  • @vilters

    That's what I figured. LOL