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  • I have been running Poser 7 for 11 years and I love it. I recently received a new computer as a gift from my family, retiring my 8-year-old PC. I copied my Runtime folder from my old computer to an external drive so that I could install it on my new computer. I did that, but all of my PERSONALLY CREATED CONTENT (figures, morphs, poses, etc.) did not copy out of my old computer, then I remembered that I've never been able to copy my content OUT of Poser 7. Is there a reason for this, and is there a way to fix it so that I can get my personal content out of my old Poser 7 Runtime?

  • @bjc815 Quickest answer that comes to mind is if your new and old computer are networked, you can just add your old runtime to the new version of Poser on your new computer.

  • @eclark1849 ~ Thank you, but the old computer is 8 years old and on its last legs, that's why I got the new computer. Networking the old one is not going to be possible. Is there some setting within Poser 7 that doesn't allow personal content to be shared?

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    If your old machine was Vista or Win7, look in *C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\VirtualStore* and see if Windows' User Account Control diverted your library save/write files to the virtual store area. If so, just manually copy them to your downloads/runtime.

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    UAC won't let a program overwrite/save things to anyplace in Program Files. But P7 only used libraries in the Poser 7 folder, which is within Program Files, so your own library save operations get diverted to the virtual store. On Vista and newer machines, I would install P7 to some folder outside of Program Files.

    If you get a newer version of Poser, that problem is solved because Poser will allow for runtimes anywhere; just "add" the runtime to the library. My personal stuff runtime is on a secondary hard drive, for example.