Portugal... hmm...

  • @vilters And, Tony, given this is your stated opinion elsewhere, one has to wonder exactly what you are doing on the SM Poser forum at all:

    OK, let us finish this off here and now. YES: Poser is dead, buried, underground, obsolete, by-passed, deleted, removed, bought, fired, knifed, shot.

    You're given a free piece of software and in appreciation set out to destroy the company that gave it to you.

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    What's next?
    Is it my fault that Dusk and Dawn are not fully Poser compatible? LOL; you even helped to prove that one. LOL.
    Is it my fault that Blender is free? Wings is free, Anim8or is free. (I use all 3 you know)
    is it my fault some vendors are releasing unwelded obj files?
    Is it my fault that Poser has more tools then the competition?
    is it my fault that Poser users search better quality then what some vendors deliver?
    Is it my fault that there are now more vendors then customers?
    Is it my fault that Poser end users are very creative on their own?
    is it my fault that you are so polite to wait to attack till I leave the site?

    Oh, and it is extremely LOW to quote a post and pull it completely out of its context.

    Enfin, the above says more about you then about me.

  • @vilters I hope you'll turn your anti-vendor venom on the Blender vendors. It will be quite fun to watch them chew you up and spit you out.

  • @vilters ROFL, out of context? OK, here's your entire post.

    I just left out the DAZ bashing is all.

    ***OK, let us finish this off here and now. YES: Poser is dead, buried, underground, obsolete, by-passed, deleted, removed, bought, fired, knifed, shot.

    If I did not know any better? Kids in a kindergarden fighting over some candy.

    Oh, and before we go to alternatives?

    ANYTHING with an "I" is overhyped and overpaid by definition. => It is in the "genes of the "I". And a "DS" is a French car build in the 50-60's by Citroen in France.

    Ok, let's move on now.***

  • Well, this thread is no longer helpful or fun.

  • @eclark1849 This thread was disgraceful from the first post.

    Calling the Portugese people "uneducated," among other things was as unhelpful to SM/Poser as Tony Vilters is.

  • @Glitterati3D said in Portugal... hmm...:

    @eclark1849 This thread was disgraceful from the first post.

    Calling the Portugese people "uneducated," among other things was as unhelpful to SM/Poser as Tony Vilters is.

    Who called them "uneducated"?

  • @eclark1849 Maybe you should re-read the first post.

  • @Glitterati3D Maybe you should try to understand the first post.

  • @Glitterati3D I did. I didn't see anyone calling anyone else uneducated.

  • @adp I understood it quite clearly, as did several others.

  • @eclark1849 the population is only 10 million people, and only 15% of the population has high school diploma, not to tell college graduation

  • ENOUGH already.

  • Yes, this is my first post in this forum, and most likely my last (at least for a long while).

    Wow!! People here should be aware that others who are not participating may be watching the conversations here. I agree 100% that this is simply a sad thread. To imply that people in Portugal couldn't program Poser as well as people in other locations is simply ignorant to say the least.

    Additionally, this forum, and other "Poser" forums elsewhere are public facing views of the Poser community. I was about to upgrade to PP11 when PE was released just to use her. But, after visiting the forums to see what was happening, I decided if what I saw here, and elsewhere was representative of the greater Poser community, I was better off putting my money and time somewhere else.

    First, the vitriol spewing forth in these forums toward other companies, users of "competing" products, vendors for those competing products, and toward each other is to say the least, alarming! Then, while so many are bashing other software and vendors, there seems to be only a hand full of users that are willing to make renders that make Poser look inspiring, and worth investing in.

    I hate saying anything bad about anyone, but this community needs some sort of wake up call. To be perfectly honest, I was willing to overlook what I felt were major miss-steps of SM with P11. But, it was this community, all the finger pointing elsewhere, the abundant instances of less than inspiring renders, and the sad state of this myopic community full of vitriol and hate the pushed me away from the P11 upgrade. I'm not saying that similar things don't happen elsewhere, but the level displayed in the Poser community is simply off the chart.

    Seriously, I have little doubt that the negative nature of this community has chased many existing, and potential new users away. Additionally, the misleading uninformed claims about DAZ, and DS users, and DAZ bashing needs to stop as well. This only helps to further alienate DS users who also use Poser (like me), and push away any potential new users who use DS.

    I'm sure I will get seriously flamed now by the usual crowd, but after your done, I hope you take a real look at your behavior, and hopefully tone it down a bit ..... no, tone it down a lot!!

    Like Decee, I'm now done with Poser, and this community (how sad is it that she is leaving this community), and I started with Poser 3. It has become too difficult to remain silent, and I know my views are not wanted, so it is best that I no longer lurk, hoping for something good to happen.

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    @dustrider Thank you Sir :)

  • @dustrider LOL, ol' Dustrider who post on every forum about how awful Poser users are and they just stopped him from going back to Poser - one more time.

    As for the vitriol, Tony Vilters has posted his anti-vendor, anti-Poser vitriol, unchallenged for years in every forum. Now that he convinced me that being a vendor was not my calling, I'm making it my mission to dish out some of that vitriol back to Tony.

    Oh, yeah, it's ugly. It's uncomfortable.

    So how come none of you ever called Tony out for it?

  • Ok, this thread has run it's course....

    I dont get paid to baby sit people and here I am doing just that, yet again....

    It is no wonder that many people leave Poser.
    The know it alls that do nothing but bash, bash, and bash some more have seen to it.

  • Dead horse beat.

    I would like to point out that the Lead Developer for the Poser project is actually myself, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It has been an honor to work with the people in Braga, Portugal. We are not the same in number as the previous team, but we have a new product lead, also based here in Pittsburgh, and he and I together are working hard to secure a bright future for this product.

    Hold on to your britches, we're doing the best we can for all you Poser users...