Portugal... hmm...

  • @eclark1849 The fitting room does not preserve details. Good for simple cloth, but that's not what a vendor could/should sell...

  • @j.naylor73 The thing is, you are just not being given reasonable expectations. The fitting room is just never going to make the conversion process "simple" or "easy."

    Neither is autofit. Nor Wardrobe Wizard or Crossdresser.

    You simply can't take to completely different modeled and rigged figures and press a button and get a perfect fit that will follow every pose and work perfectly. It simply cannot happen.

    Unless you use dynamic clothing.

  • Is every thread on this board devolving into a vendor's ''I don't make enough money anymore" complaint? There was a thread started for vendors to address this devolution of threads, and it was promptly abandoned so vendors can come complain everywhere else. I made a rather long wall of text in that thread explaining IMHO why this is so. I won't repeat it but I will reiterate that the market for vendors is rather limited due to Poser users getting exactly what they asked for from SM. "Content is king" and that does not mean Poser vendors get rich. It means that Poser users are becoming decoupled from vendors as the tools for conversion and creation are put to use. We all have the tools to make great art. Our visions may not be those of a particular vendor and we as Poser users are free to express them without being tied to particular content for particular figures. That is anti-thesis to the DAZ way of doing things. It is the future of this hobby for those who wish to express their visions and not those of a particular vendor.

  • @adp Not really my point, but I understand what you're saying. My point was that unless you're willing to start modeling yourself, or pay Ken to make a one off suit for Bella, the Fitting Room is a viable alternative despite it's faults. At least until Bella has more clothes made for her.

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    @Glitterati3D They learn on really many apps. Maya, Max, Blender , Adobe ,Affinity. Just a few of them.
    True is also that Studios almost never use pre-made content and therefore Poser and DS are almost non existent .
    The reason is to avoid copyright problems.
    They have their own content creator or hire freelancer who create stuff from scratch.I see a few time Poser characters on advertising's, only the characters which comes with Poser and only maybe a dozen time. DS even more rare.
    Poser and DS should keep focusing on the little hobby market. On the professional market they can not win this game.

  • @j.naylor73 Here's the OptiTex Flare Dress for V4 converted to PE.

    Now, I didn't mess with the fitting room, I just took it into the modeler and made necessary changes to avoid pokethrough. Because 1) it's faster, 2) it's easier than watching the fitting room make crumpled foil out of the dress and 3) I retain the UV map, can use existing textures, etc.

    But, it's dynamic clothing.

    I had to use the cloth room to get a finished render.

    But, the bottom line is that it's certainly possible, but much more highly probable to get a good fit and render with dynamic clothing.

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    It depends on the input-output.

    Three are 2 types of content creators depending on polycount.
    a) The content creators that model every detail in the obj files end up with super high quality but very high polygon count clothing.
    b) The ones that make good use of bump, displacement and normal maps to get the details in the clothing end up with the same amount of detail but at a far less polycount obj file..
    Type a is NOT Fitting room compatible because they loose all detail in the process.
    Type b is fitting room compatible.

    Another trigger : The obj file quality, and again 2 types.

    Poser splits obj files into individual vertex groups at cr2/obj file save.

    a) Content creators that repair their obj files before release (correct vertex grouping and welding) are fitting room compatible.
    b) Content creators that do NOT repair their obj files before release end up with NOT fitting room compatible obj files. => These will crack open (unweld) most of the time.

    And then there is me. LOL.
    Most of the time : I don't use multiple vertex groups in conforming clothing any more.
    They are NOT required for a fitting room operation and get a properly weight- and bulge mapped conforming clothing.

    Ha-ha, and when there is nothing to unweld? Tja, => Always perfect conforming clothing.

    (Told you guys in a previous post that you need surprising few vertex groups.)

    It does not matter what tool you use., but you have to learn how to use it, and how to extract the most of it.

  • @j.naylor73 Actually, if you think back to the days of RDNA, almost every piece made by EvilInnocence was converted to just about every figure available. Most of the EI stuff was conforming. I have no idea what the sales figures were for those outfit, but I assume fairly good because 1) the conversions were done for years, and 2) they were Real Deals, so not priced over $5.00.

    Esha did multiple figure versions of her Levante suit......

    I converted Levante for V4 to PE here - again, not in the fitting room, in the modeler. And, again, dynamic clothing.


  • @parkdalegardener Yeah, and that's exactly why the Poser For Dummies web site no longer has Poser users and is populated only by DS users.

  • @vilters You don't know the first thing about being a vendor, Tony. You know only what Tony wants. And, if anyone does something other than "the Tony way, in blender" they are evil. Tony's Law.

  • @vilters And, Tony, given this is your stated opinion elsewhere, one has to wonder exactly what you are doing on the SM Poser forum at all:

    OK, let us finish this off here and now. YES: Poser is dead, buried, underground, obsolete, by-passed, deleted, removed, bought, fired, knifed, shot.

    You're given a free piece of software and in appreciation set out to destroy the company that gave it to you.

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    What's next?
    Is it my fault that Dusk and Dawn are not fully Poser compatible? LOL; you even helped to prove that one. LOL.
    Is it my fault that Blender is free? Wings is free, Anim8or is free. (I use all 3 you know)
    is it my fault some vendors are releasing unwelded obj files?
    Is it my fault that Poser has more tools then the competition?
    is it my fault that Poser users search better quality then what some vendors deliver?
    Is it my fault that there are now more vendors then customers?
    Is it my fault that Poser end users are very creative on their own?
    is it my fault that you are so polite to wait to attack till I leave the site?

    Oh, and it is extremely LOW to quote a post and pull it completely out of its context.

    Enfin, the above says more about you then about me.

  • @vilters I hope you'll turn your anti-vendor venom on the Blender vendors. It will be quite fun to watch them chew you up and spit you out.

  • @vilters ROFL, out of context? OK, here's your entire post.

    I just left out the DAZ bashing is all.

    ***OK, let us finish this off here and now. YES: Poser is dead, buried, underground, obsolete, by-passed, deleted, removed, bought, fired, knifed, shot.

    If I did not know any better? Kids in a kindergarden fighting over some candy.

    Oh, and before we go to alternatives?

    ANYTHING with an "I" is overhyped and overpaid by definition. => It is in the "genes of the "I". And a "DS" is a French car build in the 50-60's by Citroen in France.

    Ok, let's move on now.***

  • Well, this thread is no longer helpful or fun.

  • @eclark1849 This thread was disgraceful from the first post.

    Calling the Portugese people "uneducated," among other things was as unhelpful to SM/Poser as Tony Vilters is.

  • @Glitterati3D said in Portugal... hmm...:

    @eclark1849 This thread was disgraceful from the first post.

    Calling the Portugese people "uneducated," among other things was as unhelpful to SM/Poser as Tony Vilters is.

    Who called them "uneducated"?

  • @eclark1849 Maybe you should re-read the first post.

  • @Glitterati3D Maybe you should try to understand the first post.

  • @Glitterati3D I did. I didn't see anyone calling anyone else uneducated.