Making things bulge through clothes

  • @adp When I set it to anything but - the dots that shows the brush area of effects are gone and nothing happens when I click :-(


  • removed subdivision, the dots came back - but still the brush do absolutely nothing:


    when I increase SD to 1, any of the brushes simply destroy the polygons :O :


  • @gsfcreator
    You need to set the dial to something other than 0.0.
    It's like any other morph: If you set the morph value to 0.0, nothing happens.

  • @adp its set to 1.0000 :-( and does nothing. strange.

  • @gsfcreator Reset the morph first. Select 'Zero morph', 'Zero all levels'. Then try again.

  • the morph tool doesn't always work well with subdivision. Morph it first and then turn on the subdivision. (or at least turn off the subdivision preview. )

  • @adp tried. not working :(.

    @redphantom tried as well. nothing. and now for some reason the subdivision option is grayed-out for this item (it was working a moment ago):


    Those socks went through a re-fitting to be used on sasha-16, so I tried using the original socks. they have all of the morph-brush options unavailable:


    any ideas? I tried working the morph brush with a different cloth and it works fine :|.

    update - it's working with the original I'm trying to figure out what I've done wrong.

  • @gsfcreator just responding to the image above. It seems to be at the stage where it's waiting for the user to click on the dropdown and then either select or create a new morph. Until you've done either of those things, all of the options will be grayed out. It usually happens the first time you open the Morphing Tool in a scene, and once you've started morphing, you can close and reopen the tool and it resumes where you left off, with the previously selected or created morph.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    Not a lot of time so only a quick answer.

    IF, and I say, "IF" you get for some reason or another those BLACK sports on polygons?
    There is only one way to recover. => Close Poser and restart.
    After you got those BLACK polygons, not a lot will work any more. You HAVE to restart Poser to recover the app.

  • @anomalaus correct. I figured this one out. now I realize that what I aim for is quite ambitious. I need a fabric to wrap itself around a human form showing general contour lines, hands, fingers...I guess I need a really, really high polygon cloth prop/figure for that, right? I can use SD - but when I go beyond 4 it's too much for poser to calculate.

  • @vilters quite agree. Those black rendered polygons are always a sign that Poser is having internal problems

  • @gsfcreator have you had success with the socks then? From the images you posted, the mesh density seems a good match for the underlying figure, so it probably doesn't need a lot of additional subdivision to get rid of the pokethrough.

  • @anomalaus The poke-through was not an issue at all. I know how to deal with those...:). the questions I ask you elder gods usually hides a much more complex thing that I need to accomplish. since my type of creations in poser are quite out-of-the-box, I tend to try and do things most users will never do, thus - finding a lot of "issues" and limitations within the software (such as the limit of how far the camera can actually see...but I won't dig into that one now :D ).

    on this case, if you're interested: I need to shrink down a human figure, drop her into a sock, and have her entire outline (at least the general human shape: head, hands, legs) bulge from inside the sock.

  • @gsfcreator ha! I look forward to seeing that. I've often wished that Poser's subdivision could be applied to a selected section of mesh geometry, rather than a whole figure or prop. I even delved into @Snarlygribbly 's subdivider addon, which worked quite well, except that the mesh I was using it on was exclusively triangles and lots and lots of long, thin ones at that, so I ended up having to chop the object (a bathroom sink which I was trying to use a magnet to deform so it didn't cut through an inset basin, but there weren't enough vertices where I needed the hole) into sections and only subdivide the bits I needed. Only to find, of course, that the subdivider then moved the edge vertices, because they were now detached from the rest of the bench. [Eye rolls]

  • @gsfcreator are you rendering in FireFly or SuperFly for this? If FireFly, I would suggest that you could paint a displacement texture mask for the sock and use micro-polygon displacement to "render morph" the sock over the shrunken figure, If the mask matched the figure's shape, you could even move it around the texture of the sock using the X & Y Offset parameters on the image node. In SuperFly, though, there's no substitute for vertices yet, so subdivision would be the only way to go.

  • @anomalaus Octane :O.

    great idea with the DP! displacement map for this might be an interesting test (though I still need to figure out how to create those. it's on my list). for a still-image (the correct project) I'll solve this...but I think further (Animation).

  • @anomalaus

    However, his desire is to shrink the figure down so that it fits inside the sock. In that case the polygon density will no longer match, and there won’t be enough polygons in the sock to wrap around the scaled down fingers, toes, etc.

    Other than increasing the polygons in the sock I am not sure how to get around that.

  • @Deecey which method do your recommend for scaling up polygon count? I have never done that, But I'm on a comeback to the 3D world and got insane hunger to learn new stuff (doing it every day lately :) ).

  • @gsfcreator

    You may need to create a high resolution morph when the figure is shrunk down. Each subdivision level multiplies the previous level by four times.

    So let’s say your figure ends up being ten percent of its original size. Two levels of subdivision might be enough, but you may need to experiment. Hi res morphs can be created with the morph tool, or using GoZ and ZBrush.

  • @Deecey But don't i need to add the polygons to the sock? (not to the figure...)