Clothes in a Pile

  • How do I make a pile of clothes on the floor, a chair, etc. Anyone know of a good tutorial on this subject?

    I want to take some blue jeans and make them look like someone just dropped them on the floor.

  • it's actually quite easy. I've done it a few times. If the clothes are conforming, convert them to props. To do that export them out as an obj and then reimport them. Then go into the cloth room. create a simulation and clothify the prop you want to drop. select the floor and anything on the floor you want it to hit as your collisions.

    0_1530314430662_71 I can't find it.jpg

    In this scene, I set up all the simulations starting with the ones on the bottom and working my way up and adding the lower ones as collisions too. Then I hit animation> recalculate dynamics> all cloth and went to bed. Some of the clothes I posed before I converted, moving sleeves and stuff so they weren't all in the t-pose. this script does well for converting clothes to props too without export. That way you don't lose any textures you may have.

  • @redphantom I was getting close then. I was taking a dynamic clothing item and trying to drop it to the floor in the cloth room and it just wasn't having anything to do with it.

    I will give that a try tomorrow (past quitting time today.)


  • @redphantom
    P.S. The Renderosity link is showing a broken link. :(

  • @dbwalton said in Clothes in a Pile:

    P.S. The Renderosity link is showing a broken link. :(

    Try this one:-

  • @tastiger That link worked. I have to install it and give it a try.

    Thank you!

  • You could use Wardrobe Wizard too, which also has a 'Convert Figure To Prop' option too.
    Start WW, Utilities->Prop


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