Clip Studio Crashes Screen Capture Software

  • Hi all! I've tried a few different programs attempting to take a screen capture video recording while drawing in Clip Studio Pro. They all seem to crash during recording. I've used a Quicktime on Mac and a free program called "Icecream Screen Recorder." None seem to work while drawing in Clip Studio. I don't have any problems taking recordings of drawing while in Photoshop. It seems to only be Clip Studio that causes the problem. Any solutions? Thanks!

  • I've used Snap 8 with CSP on Windows 10 without crashing. It's not free though but is often on sale for around 25 bucks.

  • I have used CAMstudio without any problems or crashes and I think it was free ( I've had it a while). But again its Windows... not sure what might work on MAC.

  • Thanks! I'll check those out.