Poser's "Color Math" mystery for me

  • It's not nonsense and your response is only adding to the confusion. I am 5 releases PAST sr2. The bug was not FIXED in SR2, it was ADDED after SR2. Not sure which, but probably the 11.1 release (you are on 11.0.2)

    I tested it with SR2, SR7 and 11.1 all have the same issue.

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    So you think the old developers did it? If so then the old developers didn't know what they're doing. Either way it's a pretty egregious mistake that should have been caught in QA.

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    Workstation Urania is Win7Pro-64 and P11Pro version is

    The bug is present in build 34338 (SR8).

    Interestingly, with the color saturation at 240, the preview engine displays correctly, though Superfly renders with red all over. I used a B&W mask w gamma=1.

    As long as the saturation is <240, it works correctly. With saturation = 238, it's OK. I couldn't check saturation=239 because Poser keeps changing the saturation to 240 if I enter 239. (Enter 239, click OK, re-open color picker, and the saturation shows as 240).

  • SR3 (32055) - bug exists in Firefly Color Math node, not exists in Cycles Mix node. (Well, now I know how I missed it before...)

  • Seems like the bug exists in SF only! i.e. if FF engine is active, both preview and render work as should.

  • And this bug exists since at least.

  • And to be sure: is the bug already reported?

  • There are a few reports that revolve around it.


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    I took me a while to find it. I have no memory of this.

    I reported this exact problem April 12, 2016, more than 2 years ago. It is bug report #37624 for those who can access mantis.

    "SuperFly Material - Blender ignores attached nodes if color has a 0 in it"

    "A Blender ignores attached input node data if its color chip has a color with a 0 in any component, for example RGB 255, 0, 0. It behaves correctly with RGB 255, 1, 1, but change any component to 0 and it ignores the input node."

    This is the screen shot I included with the bug report:


    "Connect any pattern node to blender color input set to RGB x, y, 0 or RGB 0, x, y or RGB x, 0, y. The pattern is ignored."

    I did not bother testing other nodes but we see now that it is also a problem in some other nodes.

    It was assigned to Stefan and targeted for a fix in SR4. Then they all got fired.

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    It is still marked high priority, serious, and open to this day. Not a good thing.

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    Correction but I can't edit now (because reasons)

    The date I reported it was April 9, 2016. The last update on it of any kind was April 12.