Poser's "Color Math" mystery for me

  • SR3 (32055) - bug exists in Firefly Color Math node, not exists in Cycles Mix node. (Well, now I know how I missed it before...)

  • Seems like the bug exists in SF only! i.e. if FF engine is active, both preview and render work as should.

  • And this bug exists since at least.

  • And to be sure: is the bug already reported?

  • There are a few reports that revolve around it.


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    I took me a while to find it. I have no memory of this.

    I reported this exact problem April 12, 2016, more than 2 years ago. It is bug report #37624 for those who can access mantis.

    "SuperFly Material - Blender ignores attached nodes if color has a 0 in it"

    "A Blender ignores attached input node data if its color chip has a color with a 0 in any component, for example RGB 255, 0, 0. It behaves correctly with RGB 255, 1, 1, but change any component to 0 and it ignores the input node."

    This is the screen shot I included with the bug report:


    "Connect any pattern node to blender color input set to RGB x, y, 0 or RGB 0, x, y or RGB x, 0, y. The pattern is ignored."

    I did not bother testing other nodes but we see now that it is also a problem in some other nodes.

    It was assigned to Stefan and targeted for a fix in SR4. Then they all got fired.

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    It is still marked high priority, serious, and open to this day. Not a good thing.

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    Correction but I can't edit now (because reasons)

    The date I reported it was April 9, 2016. The last update on it of any kind was April 12.