A rather wierd walk-designer question

  • As many of my questions, due to the unorthodox quality of my works :D.

    walk designer does quite a nice work with walking paths...Unless you want to scale a character up or down (lets say have a giantess roam the city, or a tiny man run along the floor). when doing those, my way-to-go used to be creating a walk-in-place animation and than tweak the ZX/rotations. the problem with that is it never as smooth as what the designer does when you apply a walking path to a normal-sized character (where you almost have an inverse-kinematic feeling, cause each step is planted on the ground, and pushes the character forward to the next, where on my old walk-in-place-tweak method I'll have some steps slide a little on the ground in an unsatisfying way.).

    I tested some BVH files, but those I found brings more mess than any help.

    any ideas as for how to apply walk-designer to scaled figures (beside animating it frame by frame on my own - that's a default :) ).

    thanks <3.

  • p.s: scaling DOWN the city/scaling UP the entire scene is an option I also have in my mind (for using regular walk-designer path). those presents some other problems...