Q: Gamma Correction.

  • I currently export a PNG to infraview to do Gamma Correction, because I just have not been able to find that function in in csp; is Gamma correction, available under another name and Im just not groking it? Thanks BB.

  • There's no gamma correction.

  • It depends exactly on what you are intending by Gamma Correction. You can do Gamma adjustment using the LEVELS tonal correction or a LEVELS tonal correction layer. Similar to how its done in this photoshop tutorial

    .... i.e. the midpoint adjuster is used to adjust the gamma level. Unfortunately ( unlike Photoshop) CSP does not actually display a numeric value for that Gamma position. So you can adjust the gamma until you like the look ... but you cannot set it to a predefined exact number.

  • @888toto TY I'll look into that video. As to what I mean, my experience mostly lies with Infranview; where say a Setting of .75 will get you alot deeper, sharper colors, but a darker overall image. While a 2.0 a much more washed out image. The description I like best is Mean Brightness is Adjusted Vs overall Brightness, as the Whites seem sharper, but the DarKs are Richer. So it appears to adjust the brightness curve more than the level; even if the net effect does produce a darker image. Anyhow I find Base Renders Adjusted down to about .70-.75 produced a much more striking image alot of the time. 0_1530816741585_GammaExample.png

  • @garlam Thanks G. Kinda Hard to believe they would have left it out; but ... its nice to have confirmation I've just not been that obtuse. : )

  • I think of gamma correction as something dealt with mostly in photo editing software like Affintiy Photo which has a gamma slider but 888toto's linked video suggests it's the same as midtones in Level Correction and it makes sense.