Kinect/motion capture for poser

  • Hi there, folks!

    So, I'm back to 3D after 4 years of a layoff, and I'm doing a lot of catching up.

    Back then, right before I took my break, I've purchased an X-box kinect with a USB cable, with intention to use it to assist my animations (I was animating frame-by-frame, no BVH/mo-caps whatsoever).

    so...what's the best set up to use kinect with poser? will x-box kinect do the trick, or there's something newer and better I should consider purchasing? do I need some plugin or can I work with it with pp11 directly?

    any help = blessed :).

  • Could menu: Windows|Addons|Kinect Capture be what you are looking for?

  • It might indeed be! I'm digging to find out! :)