Dynamic cloth under stress

  • Lastly I added a second row of vertices to the border (hem) and anything works fine. No intersection with the skirts fabric anymore.

  • @trekkiegrrrl
    it looks awsome :-)
    I'm currently trying out my own suggenstion on a little mini skirt, for the fun of it and also learning some little basics of dynamic clothing modeling :-) (I'm more the hard surface guy, lol...) My modeler (Lightwave) allows to measure along wherever you want in 3D space, so I can basically do on the Poser figure the same like a taylor would do on his client. But I discovered that the skirt (mini skirt) being a bit shorter in the back is actually often seen in real life mini skirts to make them appear more 'sexy' :-)

    And please let me use the opportunity to say that I am such a great admirer of all of your work in the Poser community ever since I guess around 2003 or so when I started with Poser :-)