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    As a new Poser user have a problem when i export my image out in ojb file no problem but when asked to export textures out they export OK in JPG but when you try to access them in Paintshop pro or any program like it you cant file not reconsidered is there away to save the textures out in a format that can been read by my pain program?
    Any help would be appreciated as i have very little hair left,

  • There is no reson to export textures, because texture-file are already stored somewhere and read in by Poser. You can load Textures directly from this path into your paint program. Try with "[Poser-Location]/Runtime/Textures/..."

  • Hello Steward,
    Just a quick shot "from the hip":

    If I need to edit textures I use the textures from where they are stored (e.g."runtime:textures:! Karina:SASHA-16:Body:Sasha Face.jpg.")

    First I create a duplicate of the texture file (say, "Sasha Face MOD.jpg") which I leave in the same folder as the original file.

    I only use this duplicate file to make modifications in Paintshop pro or any program.

    If you save a modification, save them with an incremental number (like "Sasha Face MOD 1.jpg", "Sasha Face MOD 2.jpg" etc.) so Poser doesn't load an older, cached version of the texture.

    Now you only have to go to the MAT room and set the new texture!

    The advantage of keeping different version of a texture in the same original folder isn't just that you have a better overview of all variants, but also the Poser texture picker will always jump to that same folder when you want to replace the current texture with a new version.

    Much better than having to wade through sub-sub-sub-sub folders of subfolders in another runtime...


  • To make things super easy
    1 go into the advanced tab of the mat room.
    2 Click on the file name on the relevant image node
    3 On the dialogue there is a button labeled "browse to file location"
    4 Click it and it will open the relevant folder in a new explorer window
    5 Open it in your paint program of choice


  • Hi
    Many thank to all