Water Reflections Onto Objects (Caustics?)

  • I'm trying to get water reflections onto a cave wall using a spot light with a gel. The big problem is the repeating tiles. Is there a way to more randomize this in the material room?

    Also, if there is a procedural shader way of doing this that would be ok too. I've already tried the cellular and turbulence mode but with no success.

    I'm using Firefly, PP11.


  • Someone recently had a similar problem that, as far as I remember, was solved.

    The other thread is here: https://forum.smithmicro.com/topic/3976/pp2014-cellular-node-how-to-get-rid-of-that-godawful-repeating-pattern

  • Thanks TG

    I looked at the link you provided and took a little from there, I think, I experimented so much I lost track of how I got here. I also took a bit from this link here Rotate texture map, how to and came up with this mish mash of what, I don't know. I'm sure it's messy and redundant but it's close to what I wanted. Trust me, I didn't math anything here, it was all trial and error, lol.

    This is inside a cave with a slight overhang with water below it. I was trying to get the caustics to not go too high because I don't think they would actually bounce to the roof of the cave.

    And the nodes.