Should I give content creation another go?

  • Hello all!

    A few years ago, I was a budding vendor with lots of ideas for content, and the marketing manager for a smaller marketplace within the community. Then two things happened. Major life events, such as the births of my two sons… and the “schism,” the point at which Daz opted to stop creating Poser-native figures.

    However, with the recent events at RDNA, and things settling down on the homefront, I’ve been debating whether it’s wise to return to content creation. Till now, I’ve been a Poser user who managed to include DS support in his products, but I don’t know if I’m ready to abandon Poser altogether and make the jump to DS.

    To help me make my decision, I was hoping the community could answer a few simple questions for me in this brief survey so I can better gauge the marketplace and community. Thanks so much for your time!


  • My 2 cents:
    I'm not sure there is a market for it, but I'd like to see pauline advanced supported. Very few real issues of complaint remain against the figure which could not be addressed by the content artists if they so chose

  • My guess is that you'll get answers from all over the map. I don't actually fit neatly into one camp myself and some of the questions are rather vague. For instance, the one about liking the current state of the poser community. I guessing that about 95% of the respondents will say no, but I'll also bet that those are longtime users. Newer users don't know any different and are probably almost all Studio users.

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    Tried to do the survey but failed. LOL.
    I never buy content any more. Sorry.

    Long time ago, I bought 3 items and was so furious about all the errors in the content, that I swore to never-ever buy content again.
    If you can not give it away for free? Keep it.

    The above being said, and so sorry for SM, but the customers go to the more popular figures. "More popular or better" is very personal to each of us.
    I build my own, and my own content.

    And I release tips, tricks and procedures in forums, and recently on YouTube, to enhance the native Poser figures.

  • To be honest, I'm not much of a buyer either, but what i do like to buy is props and scene settings. I can make a lot of them myself now, but frankly, if i don't have to, I won't. Figures were never the big seller for Poser for me anyway. I admit that Genesis looks pretty cool, but Frankly, I don't see what the big thrill is. Doesn't look any different to me than V4 anyway.

  • For those who might be curious, I will publish the results sometime next week.

  • I could use some help spreading the word about the survey. I've posted at five forums and I've gotten 113 responses so far. I'd like to get up above 250 in the first week, so I really have a nice cross-section. If anyone can repost the survey link for me, perhaps on various Facebook group pages or on dA, that would be awesome!

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    I think folks are wary of taking a survey from a user they may not know ... you may have been better giving a list of key questions as body to a post in each forum instead. That's my view of the situation anyway. For me, I would love to see you make more content for Poser. I'm a power user and always looking for more stuff to inspire my creations.

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    @vagabondallen We are Poser content creator and will remain. You can support both Apps. DS and Poser. This is what we will do in near future.

    And now a rant. I read all over here that vendors abandon Poser and start to move to DS . All over in any forums.
    Now read your posts here folks. Why the hell should somebody create full time content for Poser when nobody buy it??

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    @Ladonna said in Should I give content creation another go?:

    @vagabondallen We are Poser content creator and will remain. You can support both Apps. DS and Poser. This is what we will do in near future.

    And now a rant. I read all over here that vendors abandon Poser and start to move to DS . All over in any forums.
    Now read your posts here folks. Why the hell should somebody create full time content for Poser when nobody buy it??

    I think only vilters said he would not buy anything since he prefers making things himself.
    I still buy anything which I find interesting or which I need

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    Perhaps I should have been more clear.

    I bought :
    a) Little One from DAZ.
    A good looking figure but it has most parts unwelded.
    I had to wait for Poser11 / Blender with all its new tools to properly reweld and be able to use the figure as I wanted it to.

    b) Loretta Lo Res from DAZ.
    A Low Res figure, (that's what I bought it for), and it uses some clever options , but at the cost of being end user friendly.
    Also repaired using a combination of the Poser11 and Blender tools.

    c) Another Lo Res male figure from DAZ but I don't remember the name.

    The reason I stopped buying was because of lack of quality of the products sold at the time. (as you can see from the above, LOL, that was many years ago.)

    AS far as the new market goes?
    The market goes were the better figures are.

    You can release the best app of the Universe, but you need the figures.
    In the end, it is all about the marketing and the figures.

    That's why I released the video's on how to improve the native Poser figures using FBM and sculpting projections

    Poser needs better figures to re-capture the market.

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    Tony, I know. Maybe this just catch me on the wrong feet, because I am so sick to defend Poser and their users all the time and than I see in the main Poser forum posts like this. It looks so negative for me.

    The true is, Poser 11 need many new stuff. Light, Materials, Shaders, good Environments and for sure a very good character.
    Didier and me was thinking about a year ago to model a Anatomical correct one, but the time we have is to short. On weekends you can create not really big stuff.

    Now we work on shaders and Materials PBR for Superfly and some nice lights.

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    On another side note.

    Sometimes end users send files to test because they run into trouble.

    Always the same issues.
    Unwelded parts. Intersecting meshes. Badly grouped meshes. Blindfolded releasing obj files exported from Poser without rechecking vertex order.

    Sometimes, REALY? It is unbelievable what gets offered/released by some stores.

    Quality control?
    I fear most vender sites do not even care. ( as long as the obj files are in the Geometries folder, and there is no poking, all is good.) => While SM has been putting them next to the cr2's as from poser 7 I think. LOL.
    It does NOT matter WHERE the obj file is. => But it has to be a good obj file.

    The quality of the obj file, the quality of the rig, the quality of the Diffuse textures are important.

    None of the vendor sites has been offering that quality control

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    I model a lot, but I still buy stuff also. If I tried to make everything myself, I'd never get a scene finished.

    I buy hair models, and clothes (preferably dynamic, except for armor) which fit my favorite genres: pixies, LotR elves, sci-fi. I'll buy plants and trees. Character morphs for the SmithMicro dolls, especially if they have TinkerBell/Galadriel style ear morphs.

    I like utility scripts; I've bought a lot of those.

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    Tony,Can not tell. Since a while we don't upload over DAZ stuff and when they test us hard.
    RDNA, I even don't want to talk about, because it was a huge massaker each time the tester do with the vendors. :) We call them "Eagle Eyes" . Renderosity, can not tell how hard. They have some issues, this is true. But maybe I was just unlucky.

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    Ach, perhaps I am being too hard. LOL.

    We have a lot of tools to customise content in these latest Poser versions.

    Symmetry tools, morph brushes, copy morphs from, fitting room and so on.
    All these tools work on or around the obj files.
    With a high quality obj file, the possibilities are almost endless.

    But with unwelded, or poorly grouped, or intersecting parts, or loose parts, or "vertex order lost" obj files, all these wonderful tools can turn any obj file into dust.

    For the most part: The quality of the obj file determines the quality of what is being offered.

    Then add : Converting DS stuff to Poser stuff, and yes, I see a lot of end users struggling.

  • @Ladonna To be fair, you're probably listening to the the wrong audience. We make a lot of our own stuff. The ones you want to catch and listen to are the users who are actually happy with just Poser 11, not the pro version. They're mostly rendering, which means they're mostly buying stuff.

  • I still buy content! I used Poser way back and have mainly use Daz Studio. Since then I have wandered back to Poser mainly because I don't like the direction that Daz is taking there product line.

    I am also thinking of making Poser content. I'll do it for fun, release things for free and see how it goes. This will give me experience and feedback so I can make high quality products that people want and can use. If I wanted to really make money I would go the Daz route, but Poser needs content and something that will turn heads. I can't promise what I will make will fit the bill but I'm going to give it a try lol.

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    Correct all.
    We "techies" are not representative of the customer base.

  • I've only been user for just over a year now, and I'm very much in the load pose render camp. I really do feel that many of the comments by the expert users, including those labelled "Poser ambassadors" can only turn away beginners and potential users who happen to be reading. If I believed everything I read on various sites, Pauline is completely unusable, the SM G2 figures can't be used because they have an asymmetrical mesh, and Victoria 4 is the best thing since sliced bread, or maybe 10 years out of date and should be avoided, and everyone use genesis 3. I haven't found any of the above to be true imho.
    I doubt if any new native Poser figure will be accepted by the community since it will never be the way some would have done it. It's very easy to toss around the term broken, when what you mean is not perfect.
    People should bear in mind that what they consider constructive critique is likely to look like damning criticism to those not in the know!