Should I give content creation another go?

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    Hello all!

    A few years ago, I was a budding vendor with lots of ideas for content, and the marketing manager for a smaller marketplace within the community. Then two things happened. Major life events, such as the births of my two sons… and the “schism,” the point at which Daz opted to stop creating Poser-native figures.

    However, with the recent events at RDNA, and things settling down on the homefront, I’ve been debating whether it’s wise to return to content creation. Till now, I’ve been a Poser user who managed to include DS support in his products, but I don’t know if I’m ready to abandon Poser altogether and make the jump to DS.

    To help me make my decision, I was hoping the community could answer a few simple questions for me in this brief survey so I can better gauge the marketplace and community. Thanks so much for your time!


    Sure, there's always a demand for new content, regardless of what software you're working with.

    I think the real question is, can a content vendor make a decent living in today's market from making Poser-only content? It's really something that only an established Poser content vendor can answer, and a lot of them tend to remain silent on the issue. You can see some of the results though just by looking at what direction long-time vendors have gone.

    If you want to make content and you like using Poser, then there's no reason not to make content for Poser. If you want to make a living, then there's a lot more research you have to put into it in order to make a decision on which platform - or both - to support. One thing is certain though, which is that a free platform is always going to have a larger potential user base than a paid platform has, especially when both have roughly the same target audience.

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    My one issue right now is where to start. Which figure should I make my first content for? Roxie, Pauline, Dawn, V4? Any ideas from those that are interested in content?

    What figure do you use most?

    Well, that has to be V4. I have the most content for her and M4. I figured making clothing for her would be far easier since she isn't weight mapped (I don't totally understand that concept yet). I did purchase the book 'How to make clothing for poser: A step-by-step guide' so hopefully it will guide me through some of it.

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    @Lotharen No, the clothes does not fit her. Only the Dynamic clothes because she has extra bones.

    If your speaking of Pauline Advanced here, that is not the case. Same number of bones.

    Sorry, I somehow had this in mind with Pauline Advance, I mix here something. Mea Culpa :)

  • @Lotharen I would suggest starting out with the figure you're most familiar with then.

  • The problem with making stuff for V4, M4 is that there is already a lot of it out there. DAZ has almost been giving it away recently. While DAZ might have the larger user base, Poser might turn out to have some niche markets that could be exploited by someone if they were willing to persevere.

  • @j.naylor73 If you're just starting out my suggestion is to still stick with the figure you know. Also, make them freebies until you iron out all the kinks in your process and sharpen your skills. People are much more forgiving with freebie makers who may not may something perfect, than they are with sellers who they figure are just bad.
    Also, i've been preaching niche markets for Poser vendors for a while now. That's why I stick with the poser natives.

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    Earl is correct here.
    First build your reputation with the figure you know best, and release in the freestuff sections.
    It will allow to finetune your workflow, and get the most forgiving feedback.

    Poser only needs 3 things to function properly.

    • a quality obj file (properly welded, properly grouped)
    • a solid cr2 or pp2
    • and some good diffuse textures

    All the rest can come later.

  • Survey is now closed. I'm compiling results. I'll share some of the most interesting data soon.

  • Check out this PDF for a summary of the bulk of the results. In the spirit of positivity, I'm keeping the results of the last question from the survey to myself, but this data should be very eye-opening for my fellow content creators. Please share with any others you might think would enjoy seeing these results, and thanks again for taking the time to respond!

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  • @vagabondallen

    Just out of curiosity, why didn't you ask what figures people use in Daz Studio? I thought the whole point was to determine whether of not to continue making things for Poser or move over to making things for DS. Seems like knowing what figures they're using in DS would be a prerequisite.

  • Because I was more concerned if there was a market for Poser content worth pursuing. Seems like the DS market is pretty obvious, but with what happened with RDNA, I wanted to know if it was related to the Poser market exclusively or not. Since no one would likely tell me from the higher ups at either company, this was the next best thing.

    Besides, it was never going to be a perfect survey. None ever are. It served my purposes.

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    @vagabondallen looks not good for Poser here.

  • @Ladonna said in Should I give content creation another go?:

    @vagabondallen looks not good for Poser here.

    I have to disagree, Ladonna. Look closely at those numbers. If you add the Poser users and Both, you're over 50%. And, quite frankly, free vs. paid programs and free is only 20% ahead of PAID? Doesn't say much for Mr. Free.

    Secondly, the questions were not terribly well worded, nor scientific. Like the question about purchasing content. The question wasn't where do you buy most frequently, nor where does most of your content get purchased, so anyone who ever bought 1 thing from Rendo checked the Rendo box.

    That gives you a bogus sample.

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    I just drink my coffee to clear my mind for a bigger answer. We have here now 6.30 in the morning lol
    Poser has lost vendors and users. This is for sure.
    Now lets see. That RDNA as the biggest supporter from Poser move to DAZ at a point where it was really critical, Poser 11 just get released.
    Very bad message. A few vendors who was unsure before if they should switch over, they do it at this point.
    User move over to the DAZ Mp and stick there with DS and the Gen serie.
    DAZ make it easy for them. Genesis 3 line, each day very good sales. New morphs for Genesis almost every month with huge content sales.
    Meanwhile Poser user was left out. At this moment, honestly, there is not much over the marketplaces which I would like to have.
    Dawn, she is cute, have a few stuff for her, but most of her stuff is not really high quality. Pauline, she has almost nothing.

    While I agree with you that DS is not really free, it gives user the possibility to start free . It has an huge content pack inside which is not outdated like Poser's. It gives users the choice to stack up content for cheap.
    What offer Poser today? A lot, but it moves more to advanced users . DS user don't spent time in clothroom, fitting room etc..lights has to be prebuild, camera settings also. You can buy there even prebuild rendersettings . This is what DS user want . Load a character, put cloth on her, pose and load an prebuild environment , with lights, rendersettings and render.
    Nothing I prefer. I have to say I get pretty quick bored of DS , because of this.
    I think Poser should focus now on advanced user. Leave those behind who leave the ship and move forward. Develop tools which challenge the user to use their own creativity. Develop character which are well made and where vendors can build content around.

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    Continue after another coffee :)
    What did Survey says? Not so much to be honest , because not representative. Who answers? The questions are not really well set up.
    You can read it in many ways.
    What does not mean that you don't have to take it in count when you want that Poser moves forward.
    Poser make the mistake to try to be loyal to their customer and try to keep backward compatibility as long as possible.
    Well, loyalty never pays out, had to learn this again in a hard way.
    meanwhile DS move forward and give a shit if the user can use their older content or not.
    Poser should now leave the past behind and move in big steps forward.
    New light system, camera settings, particle system, the cloth room need a update, hair room also.
    And this is advantage of Poser, Poser boost the creativity of the user. Challenge people to get by their own creative.
    And this is what we should support. Boost Posers strength and build content around. :)

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    Creativity, Artists, Innovation, NEW ?
    Want to be "creative", want to be an artist? Really?

    I created 2 treads here with video tutorials with procedures on how to improve ALL figures meshes in multiple forums and as of this morning they got over 600 views.

    Of those over >600 views, only 93 actually opened video 1
    Of those over >600 views, only 138 actually opened video 2

    I really expected the number of "views" and the number of video openings to be more in balance because as I mentioned in the treads and video's : These procedures can be used on ALL meshes used in Poser. From the Poser1 figures up to and including V4 trough Miki4 and the Genesis family. All you need is the original obj file.

    The above gives more information about the "modern 3D artist" then all surveys combined.

    A large part of the modern 3D artist is a load, dress, render, finished in under 30 minutes type of end user.

    The figures have to be "attractive" right out of the box, or they go elsewhere.

  • @vilters If you can't get the figures anyplace other than the box, isn't helpful either. I love Poser, but 500 dollars is a lot of money to spend to find out I don't like the included figures. Poser doesn't learn from past lessons either. Alyson 2 is a great example. Look at what happened when Blackhearted created the Anastasia morph. Interests in the figure grew. So why not commission him or others to create more morphs for her? If you really look at Genesis, that's all DAZ does is kick out new morphs for the figure, which drives the interest in the figure. But what if all they did was to kick out a new Vicky every two years and they were done?

  • @vilters And another thing... addressing the "figures have to be "attractive" right out of the box, or they go elsewhere" statement. That's not necessarily true either. A lot of people have stated that V4 wasn't necessarily all that attractive in her default state, yet she's the most popular 3D figure of all time.

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    Tja Earl, at the time of V4's release? There was no competition.

    • And she worked in both apps.
    • And the amount of content creators that JUMPED on her, quickly solved that "initial look" issue.
    • Everybody that could create a polygon build for V4. LOL.

    V4 got the most morphs, the most and best textures, the largest closet. What more can a girl want? LOL. She has been 10 years without real competition and attracted content creators like a magnet. What other girl has 10.000 bikini's? ?

    End users have more options, and just like in real life, they go for the looks and easy handling.