Should I give content creation another go?

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    This whole conversation is exactly what's wrong with Poser users, basically.

    Instead of complaining about what Poser doesn't do, what Poser did in the past, what Poser MIGHT do some day in the future, can we PLEASE just talk about how great Poser 11 is NOW?

    Can we inject some POSITIVE feelings into this depressing, too technical, too oft repeated negativity?

    I love, love, love Poser Pro 11.

    I don't like Pauline/Paul, but I have other options that I do LOVE - Hivewire's figures.

    Poser is fun, it's challenging, it's an amazing, constant learning tool.

    I agree with you, @Glitterati3D! Poser 11 and Poser Pro 11 are amazing. I really believe that this is the best version of Poser in years.

    I'm doing new things in Poser with my art -- for the first time in ages, because of Superfly, and because I finally took time to learn some new skills in other areas of Poser. Skills that don't currently require jumping between Poser and other programs. It's all Poser until Photoshop.

    But for those who are able to use ZBrush (just as an example), that capability makes Poser even more amazing because it extends the artist's abilities.

    There is a huge opportunity to be had with Poser 11 as a creative tool! Superfly alone is enough that Poser has every right to walk all over the so-called competition.

    This wave of negativity that comes back again and again is why I started the thread about what we like best about Poser 11. A lot of people just don't seem to understand what a great creative tool Poser is, and I don't understand why. I am hoping that the wave of positive opinions about Poser will soon take over!

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    I even read posts at DAZ that says Poser is a great tool. That is encouraging. So we need to continue to support and advocate for Poser where ever we can without sounding like some fanatical weirdos ... or causing software wars. Positive advocacy!

  • @Boni Just or the record, I've never said that Poser wasn't great software. Nor do I think Ladonna was going there. I think the criticism we were focused on had to do with missteps we believe that SM and Poser have taken regarding marketing. I still say, if you're not going to support the figures you put out, then don't put any figures out there.
    All that seems to do is give you a reputation for putting out bad figures.

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    Mine was a general statement ... I wasn't directing it an anyone. I totally agree. Poser is a solid, quality program ... that needs to market itself in a more ... "unique" fashion to distinguish itself from DAZ as it's focus is on core use ... NOT on content. It always has been.

  • Wow. I posted this topic in five forums. This is the one that has gone most off-topic. Certainly some lively conversation going on here. Now, to be honest, my purpose for the survey actually went beyond just being a creator. I'm weighing some bigger options, but I didn't want to risk my post being deleted. So if anyone has questions about my full intentions, email me at to learn more.

  • @eclark1849 I think most of us get that Earl. But, it's been said over and over and over.

    Do you think repeating it, yet again, will serve any purpose except to turn folks who just upgraded to Poser 11 during the sale away?

  • I believe were done here.

  • Speaking as someone who just upgraded during the last sale, yes. :) Nobody buys Poser for the included figures, they buy it for the software. Give people a little credit, Traci.

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    @Glitterati3D ,Tracey, I am not bashing Poser or SM. Would never come in my mind. :) I use Poser daily and like it. Call me edict , but 1 Time the day I have to see his interface, otherwise I miss something. LOL
    The Cloth Room...use it massive. Hairroom, wont like to miss it.
    Material room. Love it. All the the option to have control about what I am doing.
    I don't like to bash other Software also. I use Vue, LightWave, DS, Reality, or my Partners 3DSMax with his Vray for Rendering. I like Genesis, V4, Dawn, Pauline. Miki.
    And I think SM take a good way with Poser 11. But miss the marketing.

  • "Should I give content creation another go?" - Absolutely!
    One's definition of content though will vary, as this thread has illuminated.

    Poser's current ability to create content for existing items, revamp old content or do completely new stuff from the floor up has never been better. The fact that the resulting content is compatible with a wide array of other 3D software is impressive and liberating. But, does that satisfy the needs of the beginning artist? I don't know. What exactly is the beginning artist? Does she/he have familiarity with other 3D software like Blender, Max, Maya, Modo, ZBrush etc.? If they do, then are they in the camp of the advanced user out of the gate?

    The survey in this thread juxtaposed a narrow definition of content primarily between two camps, Poser and Daz. While these are the largest camps in the Poserverse, there are others. But I assume what most folks are talking about is can they create content for others to buy that will work in their particular pipeline or camp? Well, yes, Poser does that very well across the board. Are there other camps to create for, yes. Unity comes to mind as an example. Will that make you a lot of money, probably not. But, who knows?

    If someone has P11 Pro, they can take the old G2 figures and do pretty much anything. Dip the figure in EZSkin or D3D's Perfect Skin SSS and poof, modernized and ready to go in minutes! So powerful and relatively easy. Is that resulting work going to be profitable as a selling product? Probably not. But that's a whole different can of worms.

    Should someone give content creation another go? Absolutely, 100% yes. There's never been more capability and creative freedom within the Poser application. But the market is not the same as it was years ago. The capabilities of adjacent 3D, graphics and compositing software are also much more sophisticated today than years ago. And yes, Poser plays exceptionally well with those software packages.

    Happy creating! It's never been easier :)