Have you seen the new Poser 12 female model? It's going to blow Genesis 8 out of the water!!

  • @ladonna Okay, as promised, I'm home, power's on, here's the link to the tutorial. Just so you don't get frustrated, it is a Blender Tutorial, but it should transfer easily to Poser.

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    Responding to the original question.

    With 70.000 poly, you blow nothing out of the water. You'r too heavy and sink.

    The time that polycount was God and Master is WAY behind us.

    Better to build lower poly, have a good rig, and NO JCM's AT ALL.
    Some of us have proven time and time again, that if you rig properly, you don't need any JCM to correct bending (or twist or side-side).

    JCM's are handy for muscle movement, but not to correct an faulty rig.

    And even then : My figures have their biceps/triceps in the bulge map. => Video on youtube.

  • You hear time and time again that no JCMs are required in a proper rig.....

    Hogwash.... That's what I say.

    If you want it to bend like a human, you either have to use ghost bones and/or JCMs.
    There is no way around that, other than delusional statements otherwise.

    It isn't possible for a single joint to move vertices on one of the axes.
    So any joint that can bend on 3 axes just ran into a serious problem...

    When it comes to muscle movement, without JCMs there is no volume change when the muscle contracts.
    You need that axis, you can't use with standard rigging alone.

    Understanding how implicit muscle rigging works: How human articulation works: totally debunks "No JCMs required".

  • @shvrdavid Don't forget thought that if clothes react as they do in real life, they're probably going to rip or poke thru. It's actually amusing. we claim we want realism, and when we get it, we complain. :)

  • @eclark1849

    Yes that is true, but in the end you can set up a figure so there is an option to turn jcms off that you dont need when the figure is clothed. I played around with that and it works fine with cloth, with it on or off....

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    @shvrdavid This is what I testing on PE. Turn off some JCM's which cause really heavy trouble and put in some correcting morphs.
    Works fine. One minus, the people have to dial a bit to activate the correcting morph,like in good old times.
    But this only when the pose is extreme like full side ,side bending from the legs.
    If users except this ,PE could have more outfits.If not, they will have to deal with Dynamics.

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  • @ladonna just an anatomical observation, in response to "full side ,side bending from the legs":

    The human femur cannot abduct more than ~60-70 degrees before the greater trochanter intersects the ilium
    0_1537096853894_Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 5.26.03 pm.png
    To achieve a full box split, the femur must rotate laterally (outwards on it's Y-axis), thus turning the toes away from the midline of the body, clearing the collision and allowing further abduction away from the sagittal plane.
    0_1537097010240_Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 5.35.05 pm.png
    Such a twist of the thigh is definitely going to require JCM application to correctly shape the tendons and muscles now wrapped around bones, and no longer in a direct, straight line. Yes, the skin may slide over those muscles, but the shapes cannot be linearly interpolated over the full range of joint angles, therefore weight mapping along can never achieve correct anatomical results.

    Oh, BTW, [:-)] this was not aimed at you @Ladonna , just that your observation was the easiest to respond to :-)

  • @anomalaus "alone", not "along" [curse you, Red Baron predictive spell checker]

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    @anomalaus You are 100% right. But the problem here is delicate. When I was asking here in the forum if an 60 -65 ° bending would be acceptable for the pants without distortion and over 60-65° there would be some issues ( stretching) , I got as answer only for freestuff. There we go.
    Till 60-65° I could manage to weightmap the pants really great. No breaking, no texture distortions . After this the texture stretched and the JCM's begin to break. So now, I come to the solution for correcting morphs and manually dialing .