Locking morphs in pp11

  • is there a way to lock a specific morph, so it won't be effected whatsoever by newly-applied poses which have morphs channels saved into them? I know I can save them without morphs, but some poses required some of the morphs applied, while I'd like to have character-shape defining morphs to stay locked without me needing to tweak them every time (or erase from the keyframes so that the changes won't be applied).

    thanks <3

  • @gsfcreator not yet as a single action. Overriding min and max limits to the current value for the morphs you want to preserve could be done with a script, which could then let the user choose the pose(s) they want to apply from the library, before restoring the limits and limit enforcement settings, but you also need an efficient way to preserve the list of locked morphs for later re-use.

    I went a different way, and set up many AnimSets, which allow differentiation between classes of morphs (Body Shape, Expressions, Everything-at-once, etc.), but Poser doesn't currently (@h-elwood-gilliland has shown some interest in this suggestion, so it may eventuate, in future releases) pay attention to the morph channels in a chosen AnimSet when saving poses, just using the actors specified to define what gets saved to a library pose, since the morph channels get overridden by the dialog checkboxes for morphs and body transforms. Anyway, I've written a suite of scripts which do pay attention to the morph selections in a chosen AnimSet and apply that filter to poses which are then manually written to the library, bypassing Poser's save routines. That way, you can save poses which do not change any of the character defining morphs when applied.

    Yet another way to deal with this, could be to create a single master value parameter on the figure's body which dials in all of the character defining morphs through value operations. Then you only need to "lock" (constrain the min and max limits to the same value and enable force limits) a single parameter.

  • [continuing] except that that mechanism won't prevent a pose which contains values of the dependent, character defining morphs from modifying your chosen character shape.

    Perhaps that could be a feature request for SMS: Optional selection of AnimSet to filter applied library poses.

    I may need to incorporate that functionality into my suite of scripts (which I have yet to release because I suck at vendoring and the installation requires some thoughtful placement of components).

    Another though has just occurred to me, which was something I had already implemented in my own workflow: Create a pose file which only sets the morphs which define your chosen character. That character pose can then be applied immediately after any ordinary pose, and will correct any undesired changes to the character selection morphs affected by the ordinary pose.

  • @anomalaus terrific and helpful insight, Anomalaus! appreciated :).