How can I reinstall GoZ in Poser Pro 11 without reinstalling Poser.

  • I installed Poser pro 2014 used it once with GoZ then after I installed Poser pro 11 since I figured I would give that another chance,so after installing everything/updates I uninstalled PP2014 then installed around 60GB of Poser content (which I do not want to reinstall again) went to use GoZ and its greyed out. checked the users/....folder and poser's GoZ is not there and of course in Zbrush there isnt a Poser option in GoZ anymore either.
    So how do I get it back without re installing everything all over again.which installer in the smith micro download manager actually contains the GoZ file.

  • Close Poser and open Zbrush. Click prefrences in menu, scroll down to GoZ and click 'path to poser', your GoZ plugin can be installed from there. AFIK you can't have more than one version of Poser initiated at a time.

  • @JAFO
    no its not there that option is only there when Poser is installed on your system. (
    Zbrush isnt seeing Poser because poser pro was removed so im guessing when i removed it it also took the Poser GoZ with it) so trying to find out which one of those install files (from Poser itself in the DLM ) contains the files which install's GoZ