Changed Password

  • Where do you change your password? I cannot find any place on this site to change it. Where is it hiding or does it even exist?

  • @whbos1 I usually stay logged in now unless I'm on an unfamiliar machine, but I believe you need to use the account name and password from one of the stores you have an account at like CP, Renderosity or RDNA. Whichever one you use, it makes since that's where you change your password as well. I could be wrong about that though. It took me over a month to finally get signed on to this forum. So make sure you check with Admin or @shrvdavid. One of them should be able to get you squared away.

  • Log onto
    On the upper right click on your name, second option down, change password.

    It is a shared login with everything Smith Micro as far as I know...

  • @eclark1849 Thank you. That was the correct page. They should have a link to it from their main website. I had a serious problem with multiple break ins and the person(s) stole everything. I've had to change passwords many times for several accounts and wasn't able to do it for this one.