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  • I've been tied up with a number of things and haven't posted anything new in quite a while so here goes... My latest project is a suit of Powered Armour for Hiro 3 (I know, he's an older figure, but he never got much support and suits the style of anime that I prefer). The new suit is designed to partner with one I'd already created for my Anime Girl Kristin... I still need to tweak the bend zones for some parts (such as the muscle myomers for the limbs) and fix up the textures a touch, but the bulk of the rigging is done...

    On the left is the suit for Kristin (Posed), and on the right is the suit in progress for Hiro 3...
    0_1516193001384_E-Mass Hiro Test.jpg
    0_1516193026288_E-Mass Hiro Test2.jpg
    0_1516193049073_E-Mass Hiro Test3.jpg
    0_1516193066947_E-Mass Hiro Test4.jpg

  • @theschell
    Impressive modeling, and an equally impressive collection you got on your site Schell!

    Here's a bit in the works for me this week:

  • @krios Thanks and a nice bit of animation there... :)

  • I've also created a set of Pilot "Inner-wear" uniforms to go with the Powered Armour...

    0_1516226084606_E-Mass Hiro Test9.jpg

  • Hi guys

    I'm just in middle reworking one scene for friend and depends on friend if allows me to release this as freebie but here is quick 45 sample render,ignore boots and mid room table

    alt text

    Hope this helps


  • @jura11

    wow... incredible, awesome!

  • Got the rigging and texture tweaks done and can now finalize everything... :)
    2_1516295327351_E-Mass Hiro Test7.jpg 1_1516295327351_E-Mass Hiro Test6.jpg 0_1516295327350_E-Mass Hiro Test5.jpg
    0_1516295355466_E-Mass Hiro Test8.jpg

  • @theschell

    Wow, when it's ready, I'll definately be purchasing :)

  • In the process of creating the E-MASS Armour for Hiro, I've also been working up an enemy suit for him as well to match one I'd created some time ago for Kristin...
    3_1516373152546_Rogue Test Hiro 4.jpg 2_1516373152546_Rogue Test Hiro 3.jpg 1_1516373152546_Rogue Test Hiro 2.jpg 0_1516373152545_Rogue Test Hiro 1.jpg

  • Did some alternate camouflage paint schemes for both of my suits...


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