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    A practice sculpt i made in zbrush. May make a full figure from him in the future. :)


  • @ghostman You're getting pretty damn good at this sir. I'm liking this a lot. I've only tried sculpting a couple of times with Sculptris years ago, and really didn't like it.

    The Blender class I'm taking, however, does a couple of sculpting exercise, including a human head, so I'm looking forward to trying it out.

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    @ghostman I envy you to the bones with your sculpting skills lol.

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    @miss-b Thank you. :P I used Sculptris before i bought zbrush and i made some pretty cool stuff with it.
    @ladonna hehe. Thank you. :P

  • @ghostman I think what I didn't like most about Sculptris was the UI, as I didn't find it very intuitive. I have ZBrush and like playing in it, but haven't tried a full on sculpt with it . . . yet, but at least I can get around it's UI a whole lot easier.

  • Well, it's taken a month or so, and I haven't even started the texturing, but I now have all the (mostly) correct parts cannibalised and Frankensteined together for the freely available Luger P08 model. Dozens of groupings and constraints were required to articulate all of the moving parts and allow ejected shell casings and fired bullets to follow relatively realistic (if not completely physically accurate) trajectories. Even the mainspring, firing pin cocking and release, and trigger linkages are working.

    The timing of the firing sequence isn't realistic (recoil and semi-auto reload aren't fast enough), but that's just a matter of tweaking the parameterised animation sequence. All run from one cycle parameter.

  • @anomalaus Nicely done! ~smile~

  • @miss-b I've just noticed from watching the animation play on loop that only the first firing pin cocking cycle is correct. All the subsequent ones just alternate between the ends.

    This is just another example of where the valueOperation dependencies editor could do with some upgrades. I've had to become adept at debugging a single cycle of key/value parameterisation, only to find that it breaks when I repeat the cycle, due to absence of spline breaks in valueOperations. I should stress here that there is only one parameter actually keyframed in the animation, and that's the cycle parameter, which goes linearly from zero to 9.0 over the 270 frames for the 8 rounds cycled through.

    I've had to make hundreds of single or double loop, short python scripts to replicate valueOp key, value pairs from the first cycle to the remainder. Saved a lot of tedium in the UI that way. The only thing I regret not being able to do in Python yet is create and rename object constraints. There's no Python API for it yet, so it all has to be done manually.

  • @anomalaus Sounds like a lot of work to me. I'm not adept at scripting in Python, though I'm hopeful to be taking a class soon, though it's a Python for Blender class, but I figure with my experience in coding in other languages, I might just be able to adapt to Poser's Python.

  • @miss-b even a little bit of proficiency in Python can take a lot of the drudgery out of Poser tasks (Provided the API is there to do what needs doing).

    Even though it's all just discrete props at the moment, this Luger is no less or more difficult to rig than any human figure. There are a comparable number of bones, and their interconnectedness and hierarchy is still the same kind of tree as a human, though currently, in place of joints, I just have parenting and point-ats. The thing I left till almost last, was the mainspring and it's guide, because I'd initially set the guide's origin at the bottom, where it holds the spring, and endpoint at the hook on top. I procrastinated for ages about overriding that early decision, until I finally convinced myself that I needed to parent the guide to the linkage it hooks onto, which meant it's origin had to be at the top, and swap its endpoint to the bottom, so it could point towards a grouping object set at the bottom of the mainspring. A harder decision that would have occurred with human figures, and their well-known hierarchy requirements.

    Now that all the hierarchy and motion constraints are in place, I need to look for some decent gunmetal, spring steel and brass textures for SuperFly. Suggestions would be very welcome. Freebies even more so.

    Here's the amended animation (still only two keyframes for the start and end of the whole firing cycle parameter), with the firing pin cocking and firing parameter value operations corrected beyond the first cycle. The problem was that the valueOperation interpolation between the keys of each cycle had huge overshoot beyond the limits of the parameters. Since the limits don't get applied until all value operations have been processed for a parameter, I needed to add lots of additional keys to cull the overshoot where the two parameters interact.

  • Hi guys

    Finally have time to rework my Modern Kitchen which I finally managed to get together after few setbacks like health issues and moving to different place and with bit of luck should be ready for release end of the year or before Xmas

    alt text

    Hope this helps


  • @jura11 Looking fantastic Jura! Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, and hope you're fully recovered real soon.

  • @jura11 said in Current projects, works in progress:

    Finally have time to rework my Modern Kitchen
    Question : what is that large wooden "stage" at the left ?

  • @darthj If I had to guess, and of course I'm not sure because I can't really see the whole room, but I bet that off past the left edge of the image are a couple/three chairs/stools for folks to sit at when eating, and that's just an attached "table" of sorts.

    Again, that's just a guess, and I can be totally mistaken.

  • @Miss-B

    Thanks there for kind comment, it will take time to be fully recovered but hopefully yes and really appreciated


    This large wooden "stage" is table which is combined with kitchen middle "island" with stools and sitting area

    Here is better image of whole kitchen and how should looks in final product or freebie

    alt text

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

  • @jura11 That's exactly what I thought it was, though I couldn't tell from the first render how tall the island and "table" were, so wasn't sure if there were chairs, or higher stools, on the other side for folks to sit on.

    I have a friend who's vacation home has a similar setup in her kitchen/dinette.

  • @miss-b & @jura11 I always liked the idea that a breakfast bench should match the height of table(s) in an adjacent dining area, so the "Breakfast nook" can contain a reserve of stools/chairs suitable for augmenting the dining room when extra guests are present.

  • @anomalaus Exactly, though at my friend's vacation home, we usually used the "Nook" for eating breakfast, as we didn't all eat at the same time, but dinner was eaten by everyone at the same time, so that's when we were sitting at the dining room table.

  • Hi guys

    Here is another render of Modern Kitchen but with different floor texture or rather tiles which I would include and you can choose wood floor or tiles,depending on yours preference and liking

    Rendered in Poser Pro 11 with SuperFly

    alt text

    With bit of luck this should be released end of year as earliest or beginning January as latest

    Hope this helps


  • Hi, Guys,
    My current project is to produce some budget cars. In order to keep the price down they are packaged two to a package and have limited controls available (only spin wheels, turn wheels and steering wheels). The first package has been released and I am starting on the next package, Budget Sports cars. Here is a render of one soon (I hope :D ). A nissan 370Z.
    0_1545698377967_Nisssan 370Z.jpg