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  • @Ladonna I have to agree with Ghostman. Very nice work indeed.

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    @Ghostman @Miss-B Thank you. :)

  • This is great, Tuscany comes to mind. :)

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    @kalypso Yes, you are right. Inspired by Tuscany and the Provence France. :)

  • alt text

    I have finished the pirate sailor, you can see more images and get it in my site here

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    @adh3d I am currently on a uebershader tissue pack for Superfly.
    First results. 1 Texture as colormap , the rest ( bump etc) shader nodes.

    0_1507194360520_Advanced shader.png

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    @Ladonna sorry @adh3d for the quoting, somehow I mess up, want reply to the main post, but somehow I click on the wrong reply button :)

  • Here is what I just made as a spin off of Inktober2017:- I drew the 2D shapes using Inkscape, the exported the layers as SVG. I imported the SVGs into Blender 3D and exported as OBJs. I imported the OBJs into Shade 3D, and extruded the faces to add depth. I finalised the simple material settings inside Poser Pro 11. This is 3D text area background for use with 3D Visual Novel Otome Game renders. I will release this as a freebie.See example of use (position and size of the text background prop will need adjustment; add your own text). I plan on releasing this as a freebie. Users will still need to make adjustments to position and size before they can fit it into their camera view. Users must of course add whatever text they need infront of the prop. Poser Pro 11 allows you to create 3D text.
    Figure is Daz3D Michael 3 with Tifft785's breathtaking Bishonen Morphs, Billy-T clothing, and MayaX ShortBob hair. Poser Pro 11 geom toon line render.

  • You guys have seen a setup picture of this scene a good few posts ago, so here's a little blocking action to go with that:

    Up next: the rough animation pass...

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    Most of my "computer time" lately is being spent on support infrastructure upgrades.

    New, larger capacity rack: sure looks forlorn, with just four sets of rails (chrome strips) installed, plus 120Volt AC surge suppressors (1,800 Joule surge suppression!). You can see a couple of server blades sitting on a milk crate at lower right. This rack will hold my Poser Pro render remotes (controlled via Queue Manager):
    0_1509151694250_25U rack - stage 1 - 803x1200.jpg

    Each group of four servers will have its own dedicated 120V 20A electrical circuit; they're color coded and the servers have matching color power cords.
    0_1509151875002_120AC 20Amp receptacles - server room.jpg

    The workstation room will get similar dedicated electrical outlets, with each workstation having its own circuit. I have the wire snaked through the house, but haven't installed the workstation receptacles yet.

  • @seachnasaigh
    Soon to be an impressive setup... keep us posted.

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    @seachnasaigh impressive.

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    Almost there :) Now just last fine adjustments and the set can go in beta.
    This pack has 3 different Silk .Fine and two with structures. (Bambola and Shantung) . Transparent and a few other Silky stuff. As uebershader with many presets and for own customizing .
    This Silk shader was a real pain. What I dislike on many Silk shaders out, Poser, Blender or what ever, they are all shiny like an Pavianbutt. But most of the Silk are in real not. I have many Silk outfit pieces, from dress to little top and all have one thing in common.They are not that much shiny. Not like satin. So I study for days, the behavior from Silk in different lights.
    This is what I got as result. My main goal was that the shader looks in most Light conditions good and not over saturated or to dull.
    Light is a very harsh one here. SkyDome with bright HDRI and a harsh sunlight.
    Nothing more.
    This is Silk Bambola.

  • @Ladonna Very nice indeed, and I wouldn't mind seeing a sample of the Shantung, if you happen to have a render of it available. ~wink~

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    @Miss-B The Glossy level still need some fine adjustment. But the basic is this one.
    Full procedural Poser shader.

  • @Ladonna Very nice. ~smile~

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    @Miss-B Thank you :)

  • seachnasaigh OMG!!!!.. How many Pc is this ? i Super Jealous with you machines.

  • @seachnasaigh this is very nice.. I like tinker bell story..

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    @momogun Sixteen! :D This is a "cable management" shot at the rear of the rack; there are sixteen server blades installed. Eleven of them are Dell C1100 with two HyperThreaded hex core X5650 Xeons @2.66GHz, supported by 36GB-72GB RAM. Five are Dell r610 with two X5690 Xeons, HyperThreaded hex core @3.46GHz, supported by 96GB RAM.
    0_1509482461807_cable management - 1200p.jpg
    The rack totals up to 384 render threads.

    I don't yet have the metered power distribution units -one for each group of four blades- because of budget constraints. I'll get the PDUs in the next month.

    Each group of four blades will be powered by a dedicated electrical circuit; the PC power cord colors match the color of the corresponding wall receptacles (red, blue, yellow, green). Only the surge supressor for each section will plug into the wall outlet; the server blades will feed from their section's surge box within the rack.
    I already have the 120V AC cabling strung through this old house; soon, I will need to kill the main power, then make the connections to the main fuse/breaker box. The rack outlets will have their own subsidiary breaker boxes (already wired up and mounted).
    0_1509482497455_server circuit breakers.jpg
    That doesn't cost much -$38.40 USD for two branch breaker boxes, $33.60 USD for four breakers- if you can do the work yourself.

    The workstation room upstairs is getting a similar upgrade, with each workstation on a different circuit.