Current projects, works in progress

  • @ghostship I did a series of morphs for the hat. Along with some hair fits morphs as well.

    Sorry, low quality test renders.




  • @Glitterati3D I'm loving the ear band in that first render. ~smile~

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    Rendering atmospheres in Vue for use texturing skydomes in Poser:

    8192x4096 pixel spherical panoramas, at superior quality. The Pink Paradise atmo took 5days, 9.5hr! 0_1512586460842_icon_eek.gif
    Cameron (24 threads at 3.33GHz) is offline, so I filled her spot with Eir (two non-H/T quad-core {8 threads} Xeons at 2.13GHz). 464 total cores. A good "shakedown cruise" test of the new electrical circuits.

    This set will include all of the skies in the P11 construct material sampler (which were 4096 pixels wide), plus new ones.

  • @seachnasaigh Is that an updated version of the set Seach? I ask because I downloaded it a while back.

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    @Miss-B Upgrade -higher res- plus an expansion of the library.
    The skies in the already posted pack linked in the prior post are 4096x1024 (the full spherical renders are 4096x2048). You already have that pack.

    The new pack will have 8192x2048 skies (from 8192x4096 spherical panoramas). I'm making it a point to include every sky which was in the earlier release, but there will be new skies also. 25 are finished, one is currently rendering, five are on the to-do list now, and there will likely be several more added beyond that.

  • @seachnasaigh Ahhh, so the new pack isn't available yet. You were just letting folks know what the new pack will contain. Gotcha. ~wink~

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    @Miss-B Right. I want people who already have the existing pack to know that the new pack will be an expanded collection and double the resolution. So, even if you already have the existing P11 construct material sampler, you'll want to get this new pack when it's finished.

  • @seachnasaigh Cool, will definitely be doing so.

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    Cameron's motherboard appears to be dead. 0_1512689892921_worried.gif I can replace the motherboard, but I don't know how much grief I'll have getting her Vue Infinite 2014 license acknowledged. (Each motherboard has a unique serial number).

    I know Win7Ult will require re-activation, but I know how to do that. I don't anticipate any big problems from Poser (Cameron has several versions) or Silo. I don't know about Genetica Studio.

    I idled all of the servers today while I was arc welding a new mag latch for an Uzi; 0_1512690247065_uzi.gif now the servers are back at work rendering skies.0_1512690193809_rain.png

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    Since we're going to need to rebuild Cameron from a new motherboard (SuperMicro X8DTi-F-O), I intend to replace her X5680 Xeons (H/T hex-core, 3.33GHz) with X5690 (3.46GHz). Both processors are specc'ed as 130W power requirement, so it should work, albeit there might be a need to update BIOS for the newer processor.

    To paraphrase (and mashup) the Bionic Woman and the Six Million Dollar Man,
    "We can rebuild her... we can make her better than she was before... faster... stronger..." (cue Bionic Woman theme music)

    For those interested in rendering using used servers such as the Dell C1100, I also intend to try replacing the X5650 (H/T hex-core, 2.66GHz) with X5670 (2.93GHz). The X5650, X5660, and X5670 are all rated at 95W power consumption Once I do this, I'll report on whether it succeeds or fails.
    X5675 (H/T hex-core, 3.06GHz) is also rated at 95W, but I don't have any of those.

  • @seachnasaigh said in Current projects, works in progress:

    I idled all of the servers today while I was arc welding a new mag latch for an Uzi; 0_1512690247065_uzi.gif now the servers are back at work rendering skies.0_1512690193809_rain.png whenever you are not rendering, you modify Uzis? You have some interesting hobbies mate.

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    @krios Sometimes it's good to get outside and make noise, etc. 0_1512712119567_icon_lol.gif

  • @seachnasaigh you'll shoot your eye out, kid! lol Playing in a band is all the noise I need!

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  • @seachnasaigh said in Current projects, works in progress:

    I installed sprinklers in my house years ago.
    The whole idea for the new electrical circuits/outlets project was to avoid overtaxing any electrical circuit.

    I've got to have an entire floor rewired and rebalanced... Back when this house was built, the expected loads were a bit lower. So, in their brilliance, the electricians just ganged everything up to two circuits for most of the rooms.. The heaviest thing they expected was a lamp... My office is on that floor, packed with crap that hungers for power. I actually turn off stuff in other rooms, just to make sure I'm not cooking the insulation in the walls. :)

    Gotta get that whole thing rebalanced. Luckily, it's all easily accessible, so pulling wires won't be troublesome.

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    Cameron is back online! 0_1512896712874_happydance2.gif Doing Acronis backup now, then I'll check for issues with Vue (et al) licensing.
    Only after all of that is done, I'll pull Eir (8 cores at 2.13GHz) from the render lineup, and replace her with Cameron (24 cores at 3.46GHz).
    In Vue, I'm limited to twenty "rendercows"; in Poser Pro, I can everything that I can get jacked into the same switch.

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    The Dell C1100 blades happily accept X5670 Xeons (H/T hex-core @ 2.93GHz).0_1513285636400_thumbsup.gif No need to update BIOS; they automatically download/install a new driver (then requires restart). No challenge from Win7Pro requiring re-activation, either.

    I'll also try upgrading some of the C1100 blades to the X5675 (H/T hex-core, 3.06GHz); I'll report on whether that goes smoothly.

    My hypothesis is that the X5675 is the fastest which will work in the C1100, because it is power rated for 95W, same as the original CPU.

    The X5680 and X5690 are both rated at 130W, so I'd be concerned that those processors would overtax the C1100 motherboard.

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    @Glitterati3D Love the hats .Great work on the fur.

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    The C1100 blades accept the X5675 processors readily.
    The X5670 Xeons cost me $30 each; the X5675 Xeons were $50 each.

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    With the processor upgrades speeding up my network, I'm doing skydome textures again. Have 36 done, several more to go. They're 8192x4096 for full spherical renders; skydomes would only need the top half (8192x2048).
    a snip covering a smidge over 2% of the sky area:
    0_1513630211408_Rainbow 1 snip.jpg