PP2014 and PP11 Crash When Loading High Poly Count Scenes

  • I'm having an issue where PP2014 and PP11 are crashing when I try to load scenes with high poly count figures. These are figures I've created in Zbrush and setup/rigged in Poser. The figures have been saved/stored in the figure library, and load fine in a new scene, but when I try and load a saved scene containing the figures, Poser crashes. Any thoughts/suggestions on what I'm doing wrong? I'm thinking it's something in the way I'm saving the newly created figures, but am not sure.

  • @kuetj01 make sure that"use external binary morphs" is unchecked. and see if that solves your problem.

  • @ghostship Thanks for that. Yes, I have tried unchecking that and it made no difference. Interestingly, I just did an experiment where I imported the scene (as a Poser document) rather than opening, and it loaded (albeit without camera and lights). I then saved that as a new scene, and it opened. It's an OK work around, but I'd rather know what the issue is so I can just open the original scene.

  • My guess is that there's something wrong in the "doc" section of your scene, because that's something that isn't imported from the source file (IIRC)

    If you know how to work with PFE you could compare the "doc" sections of both files to find any significant differences.

    Another guess would be the "renderDefaults" section.


  • @karina Thanks for your suggestions. Sadly, I'm now finding that the saved imported files aren't all loading either. I also don't have access to PFE, though I'm wondering if I can do the comparison in text editor? My guess is not. I'm starting to wonder if this is a system resource/RAM/memory issue.

  • @kuetj01 if your text editor is gzip aware (as BBEdit on macOS and Notepad++ on Windows), they can open Poser documents (.pzz or .pz3) regardles of their compressed state, and should be able to do side-by-side comparisons (certainly BBEdit can, less sure about Notepad++).

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    Poser is pretty capable to load high poly files.
    But it is very sensitive to "strange poly files" like non manifolds, ngons, and whatever some 3D apps can come up with using dynotopo these days.
    It likes "short" tris, absolutely dislikes long and thin tris, and prefers quads from Monday till Sunday. LOL.

    Crash during loading is most popular with "strange" obj files.