Is it possible to get a hard copy of the Poser 11 manual?

  • Just wondering if it's possible, and how much it would cost. If it's not possible, what if I wanted to go to a printer and have them run one off for me? Is that legal?

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    You would need to ask SM's customer service for the definitive answer, but I don't think they do. Most software companies don't. Autodesk does but they're separate purchases ranging anywhere from $50-$100.

    It's not very cost effective for software companies to print physical manuals. With Poser, you're looking at about 1200 to 1500 pages once you add in the quick start and python manuals.

    Most brand new PCs don't even come with installation cd's for the OS and software anymore. It's all stored on the PC and you have to make your own backup discs. Kind of a nuisance but at least it's not a waste of resources like it used to be.

    If you want a portable manual maybe try getting a pdf reader for your smart phone or tablet. I think even a standard kindle will read pdf manuals. Or just buy a 2nd monitor off craigslist for $25 - $50. Would likely be cheaper than going to kinkos.

  • @AmbientShade I'm just interested in the reference manual. And I know I could just use a tablet, but ... well my boss has a thing with computers on the job. I'm in security.