What's your creative process?

  • How do you get from a blank scene to final render? What's your creative process? What inspires you?

    Most of what I render is spontaneous imagery that pops into my head so it's never planned or sketched out ahead of time. Not often but occasionally I will use a photo reference for a pose but it's not something I've depended on more than what I see in my mind. The problem with that is the combination of OCD and ADD fighting each other... I start a scene and meticulously work on it for a day or two then forget about it for a year while I work on another 30 scenes. :c

    I also make sure that the poses I give my figures are actually possible irl. Balance, weight distribution, limb positions, I will do the pose myself and if it feels wrong I correct it in Poser until it looks right. Hip position and rotation is the biggest pain but when I get it right it looks much better and it settles my OCD down so I can work on other parts of the scene.

    If I manage to get to the final render I set the output resolution to 300dpi with a resolution of 3000xWhatever+, bring that into photoshop for small airbrushing of poke through or rendering issues and then some small white balance adjusting if needed. Really that's all the post work I do, then I reduce the image size and output it for the web.

    I'm sure that some people are the complete opposite of me, so I'm very curious how everyone gets to their final renders. :)

  • @johndoe641 since my Id is both the descendant and progenitor of a long line of nasty, slavering grue [both jugular, singular and plural; joint and several], it must remain bound and warded within the Abyss which spawned it's kind. I both read and surf a lot of eclectic subject matter, some of which, I acknowledge, definitely colours the imagery I post here.

    I have found, recently, (poor, success-starved, hunched, cellar denizen that I am) some meager measure of validation in the responses to my malformed emissions here. Apart from the noxious brain eructations which bleed copiously from my fingertips, I manage to boost my reward pathways by identifying, disassembling and overcoming problems of a programmatic nature, like how to get a bunch of vertices from that legally obtained, but encrypted or obfuscated source, into Poser, while dancing the Can-Can on an airbed of ball bearings.

    Much of my pre-pose and pre-render research delves into anatomical and physical material references (No, not ALL porn X-/ Gray's Anatomy, and the like). I understand (if not grok) and applaud the early, but necessary simplifications of rigging choices made by many vendors, for the sake of expedience and the platform limitations, if not even approximately valid in a true-to-life anatomical sense. Gumby has his place, [though not in any of my renders] as do plastic straws (though the world is showing a glimmer of will toward their environment clogging elimination! [Gasp! Shock! Horror! Will that mean V4 gets banned D-8*] ).

    I absolutely and resolutely suck galaxies into singularities with postwork, which lends itself, thankfully, to my mind, to a focus on getting things right in the first place, i.e. Poser. Apart from suddenly, inexplicably deciding that I need a vignetted, sepia-toned version of a render I've just make, which obviously is more about replicating the effects of age and contemporary hand-crafts on physical photographic media, I prefer to invest my time in researching how to achieve effects directly within Poser and it's various render engines.

    For pose verisimilitude (though I am constantly aghast at what some contortionists can do - they MUST have flexible bones, surely!) I shoehorn a conformed and shape matched skeleton figure inside my main figures, to ensure appropriate elimination of bone poke-through at joints and actual subcutaneous rigidity where there are underlying pelvic arches. One day, I dream of a rigging system that can accommodate all of that semi-autonomously.

    With all of this, it seems you are not entirely unique! So, we can all be individually alone, together! [Sob ;-)]

    [Today's virtual soul simulacrum was brought to you by the letters "O", "C" and "D"]

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    Very interesting question. I never plan too. Or very rare and when I plan , the image turn out later in something completly opposite.
    I am inspired by the nature and its colors. The enchant forest here where we have mountains which calls Roche de Fèes.
    Looks incredible . Like from another world.
    This kind of stuff inspires me to stories and images.
    I also like to watch Asiatic movies and series ( mostly from South Korea) . As example Saim Dang, memory of color.
    Very beautiful made Landscapes and scenes.
    I also like to watch Fantasy and Sci fiction series and movies which inspire me a lot to.
    At last, Pinterest . My second main source of inspiration after the nature.

  • I do not have a fixed plan but I load my favorite figure of the day and browse randomly my large central collection of pose presets (my eternal thanks to those who introduced universal poses into Poser) to pick a pose to my liking.
    The posing from universal posing system is bad enough to leave room for artistic freedom in making the pose look right.
    From there the process evolves with hair, (also central archive) clothing (not as universal/central yet as I would like).
    Props/scenery (from central storage) may be added to suit, sometimes.
    I am pretty disappointed with the scenery/environment props available (too US cultural or plastic looking), so I usually leave that out, or away far enough so it does not hurt.
    That is the general approach to msfits and errors: If something shows up bad when looking from left, I move the camera to the right.

    By the time it all gets complete my time is up and my energy spent, so I play around with camera settings a little and hit the render button to find the result later.

    From there on I apply postwork very liberally. My fav here is CameraBag2, which helps me to control mood and hide most of the artefacts and errors I failed to see before.

  • Since most of what I do it comic book based, my muse and my inspiration comes from that. Sometimes I want to create a costume I saw in a movie, or sometimes I want to update an old costume. Most of the time, I will start with gathering enough reference pics of what I am planning to work on. I begin with modeling the suit after I decide which figure I am going to put it on. I base that one which one I can alter or morph to look something like the character I am making. But I never plan it either. It's usually just a spark I get that gets my juices flowing and keeps me at it until I am happy with it (usually after the 4th of 5th time I model the suit).

  • Usually, I illustrate the stories I write. I attempt to create the action I envision as I am writing. Unfortunately, most of the content I can find does not match what's in my head. I have created several locations that I reuse as necessary. In new locations, I will spend time trying to find or create as close to my vision as possible. Sometimes, I'm able to come close. Other times, I have to settle for something completely different. My modeling skills are at level create rock. Once I have a setting, I will load and pose my figures. Most of the characters are already created and clothed. If need be, I will change their clothes. Then I will work on lighting and update shaders to go with superfly.

    Occasionally I get inspired to create something completely unrelated to my stories. Lately, these have been either fan art or to play with new content. In these, I rarely have a plan. I will load whichever figure I feel like using. I'll morph and texture the figure to suit my mood. I'll then pick out clothing and textures. Sometimes, I'll load it right away other times I'll pose first, but I like to know if I need to consider draping for the pose. Then I'll load props in the background scene. I will go through everything and make sure it has textures compatible with superfly. Lastly, I'll work on lighting.

    I tried to make poser do as much of the work as possible, but I will do post work if needed.