How to get started with Poser 11?

  • For an "archaeologist" apparently you don't do enough digging around :) sorry, it's bad I know!

    Anyway, try the tutorials at Renderosity. Go to Community, Tutorials, Poser - a whole series for P11. Mark Bremmer is also a teacher has done many tutorials and has a nice pace so as not to put you to sleep. And here you can read about it and see if it's something you'd be interested in.
    Personally, I only got bullet physics and felt confident playing with it after one of his tutorials on PP2014.

  • @kalypso Thank you Kalypso. I was just trying to find those to link them in my post, but I couldn't find them. Of course, I was searching under Marketplace instead of Community. Duuuuuuh!

  • Fortunately his tutorials are free Miss B but they are better than many I've seen for sale (for other software). :)

  • Poser does come with some premade scenes by the way. The general idea is to show you how easy it is to use Poser. You literally have to just find the scene in the library. Click to load it, then Click to render it . That's as close to a "make art" button as I've scene.

  • @kalypso Yes, which is why I wanted a link to them. Well now I have them bookmarked, so I won't have that problem again. ~wink~

  • Thanks. That explains why nothing came up on Google. Those pages are inaccessible until after you make an account. I'd never heard of that website.

    I just made an account and found the tutorials, but there's nothing there that I can find that covers getting started with a character. I looked at the interface one (first in a series), but, sigh, no subtitles.

    It's possible he's covering the stuff I need but although I can hear his voice I can't hear most of his words.
    I forgot to mention - I'm partially deaf.

  • It might be helpful to know whether you are using the figures that are included in Poser or whether you're using figures purchased from elsewhere, like the DAZ figures. You mentioned you had used DAZ Studio, but it isn't clear whether you had as much trouble with DS as you are having with Poser 11.

    It also may make a difference if you are using a Mac or a PC because shortcuts are going to be different.

    If you installed the Poser support files, you should be able to find the manual and quick start pdfs in the Poser 11 Content folder. While it contains a lot of information that you may find daunting, the quick start does cover adding a figure to the scene, adding clothing to the figure, etc.


    You may find Karibous Boutique's Poser for Dummies helpful.

    The basics are the same regardless of which version of Poser you use, so any earlier tutorials on getting started with Poser, loading content, or creating scenes should help.

    There is A Beginner Guide to Creating a Poser Scene under Miscellaneous on the old ArtZone Wiki that may help you.

  • Was this the tutorial you tried?

    If not I would suggest you look at this one, that's what I used to start although I was starting with poser 10.
    There has been very little change in the interface, but it may look different on your machine because it is very customisable and adapts to screen size.

  • Das 3d doesn't work at all. Click on anything and it says that the duf files don't exist, even though when you go to the folder it's looking in, they're right there. In the forums, there are other people who have that same issue and there's no solution.

    I installed Poser after buying it through Corel. It came with some default figures, but as I haven't been able to load any of them, I've no idea if they work.

    Thanks for the info about the guides. I had no idea they were there.
    I did look at the for dummies thing but he's going on about loading a Daz figure into it and I couldn't understand what he was talking about there.

    Thanks for that last link. Almost the first thing on it was how to delete the robot figure. I've bookmarked it.

    Thanks for your help. Maybe I can get somewhere with this now.

  • Also the tutorials at Renderosity for P11 are mainly for features P11 has. You need to go further back to the last page where the tutorials for P10/PP2014 are and the last one posted (which is actually the first) is for working with the interface and the second clearly explains the Runtime. I think those would be best to begin with and you can work your way up to the more recent ones.

  • @archaeologist that was probably because you didn't install Postgre or start the CMS for DS, but I digress...

    Mark Bremmer's tutorials should fix you right up....if you're able to hear them. Do you have any speech to text software on your computer?


  • @laurieallen
    I installed everything in Daz correctly. It worked fine for about a month and I did make a couple of renders, but then suddenly it couldn't find the duf files for anything. I think a Win10 update broke something. The only thing that may work for Daz is a clean reinstall, but as it took 3 evenings to get everything installed the first time, I haven't got around to that yet. I've got a massive book to edit.
    The laptop has a speech to text facility, but it's really very poor.

    I can hear some of those vids so maybe it will be enough.

    ps, this forum isn't letting me reply very often. It's almost midnight so I'll log off once I can actually post this reply.

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    Mr Google and Mrs YouTube are your friends.
    There are TONS of tutorial video's on YouTube including from Smith Micro, and you have all the Poser webinars, each over an hr long.

    Ha-ha-ha-, you will not live long enough to view all of them in one lifetime.
    Then you also have all the tutorials at renderosity.

    And even inside Poser, there is a video tutorial list:
    Top menu => Window => Project guide

    And a quick start:
    Top Menu => Window => Quick Start

    All available from within the app itself.

    And all the tutorial made by individuals including myself. also on YouTube.

  • @vilters said in How to get started with Poser 11?:

    Mr Google and Mrs YouTube are your friends.
    There are TONS of tutorial video's on YouTube including from Smith Micro, and you have all the Poser webinars, each over an hr long.

    Ha-ha-ha-, you will not live long enough to view all of them in one lifetime.

    Actually, I HAVE watched all of them. Took me a couple or three nights at best. :)

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    Ha Earl,
    You'd be surprised about how few know the Project Guide and Quick Start videos inside Poser.

    Then the dozens of Renderosity video's, and the 10* series, and the webinars, and PhilC's and mine and the list goes on and on.

  • What default figures did you get with Poser 11? If you install all the Poser content, you end up with quite a few people figures, as well as cartoon figures, robots, and other content.

    Basically, loading a figure requires the same steps, whether it's a DAZ 3D figure, Poser figure, HiveWire 3D figure, or any other 3rd party figure.

    Locate the figure you want to load in the library and double click it.

    There are thumbnails across the top of your library window which will display the different types of content. The first thumbnail which shows a figure in the T pose (arms out at the sides) will show you your figure content. This is where you will find your people. Poser human figures are in the People category.


    For example, if you want to load Poser's James figure, expand People, then James, and double click James (or James Casual)


    That's all there is to loading a figure in a scene.

    According to your first post, you were able to load a figure into the scene, but it didn't sound like you were sure how you managed to do it.

    The second thumbnail (with the running figure) are poses.

    If you loaded James, expand the People category, James Pose, and any of the pose categories under James. With James selected, double click any of those pose thumbnails to load the pose.


    I rarely use Poser figures, so I'm not the best person to explain about Poser figure morphs and clothing.

  • @vilters
    What an odd place for them to hide the quick start. I only had one window open, so I would never have thought to click on window when I didn't need to switch windows. I would never have guessed that 'project guide' meant 'tutorial' either, especially not with it mixed in with all those other technical things.
    Most programs use the window menu for switching between open projects.

    Thanks, got them now.

    I DID Google AND search in youtube but found nothing for poser 11 except for advanced stuff. The only intro is for Poser 9 and the first few minutes showed different menus and UI.

    Daz was easier to use until it stopped working. At least the clothes moved with the figures on that.

    And, as I already said, I don't do well with videos. Even if they have subtitles (and most don't) you have to keep stopping them and flipping between windows to try to follow them on the program. You can't just have one up and running while you work on the program.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Satira-Capriccio Thanks, that's really helpful. I can't see a folder for skin textures. Are you stuck with the one that's supplied?

    PS, I thought I replied already, but can't see it. So this may show up twice. or not.

  • Skin textures (or materials) can be found by clicking the icon that looks like a painting palette. Sometimes they are under Poses.


    There are two types of clothing, conforming and dynamic. Most likely, you have conforming clothing. There are two ways to load conforming clothing. One is to double click the clothing, in which case it just "lays" on the figure and doesn't follow the pose. So, if you load clothing that way, you then have to "conform" it to the figure. That's done by selecting the clothing and then clicking menu/Figure/Conform To...


    If the clothing isn't conformed yet, it will say None. Click the arrow to get a list of figures in your scene


    And select your figure. (In my scene, my figure is the HiveWire 3D Dawn)


    The second (and quicker) way to load conforming clothing is to drag it onto your figure. That will automatically load and conform the clothing to your figure. You just need to make sure that the prompt at the top of Poser says Add and Conform figure to <your figure>