Wanted : Creative Poser Visionaries!

  • Hello. I'm new here - but have been following 3D animation for awhile and tried to create some things - I realize I have way to much I want to accomplish to really focus on this part - so I'm looking for creative people to be on my digital team!

    I'm looking for creative people here that know poser and some of its additional programs to create some amazing projects based on my ideas.

    These would go inside my video projects which I'd piece together with the separated elements - I'm lookin g to supply the photos of the persons and close up of their face for you to create the character and have it lip-sync, dance, act. These segments when completed will be only up top 5 minutes maximum.

    If you're interested please show me some of your best work and let's see if we can't create some amazing ongoing projects.

    I have 54 projects to make this year!

    Thank you.


  • Someone is going to ask this eventually, so it may as well be me: is this paid work, or are you recruiting 3d artists to volunteer their time and skills?

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    I see => Photo's of persons, close ups of faces, create characters.

    Guys, just be sure that all the legal work with all the persons involved is done properly before accepting such a task.

    Just play on the safe side.
    Some 3D app artists have bad memories about similar requests.

  • Hello and thanks for responding and asking.
    My name is Brian. I’m in West Palm Beach Florida.

    Everyone has had a bad experience at one point or another - but each situation shouldn’t reflect on the next person or post for something needed / wanted.

    Let me tell you about me and this will hopefully help.

    1. I operate a real brand and not sure if this forum allows links as I don’t want my post to be blocked - so I didn’t add any just in case. At the bottom of this post I have displayed my credentials.

    Each project is different and the people interested would get a link to check out the layout I had in mind prior to accepting and I’d also be sure their work was a fit as well. We’d also communicate to find the easiest and most workable idea so it’s not overwhelming.

    I offer pay and understand value in time and skills - as my time creating my side is valuable as well.

    I’m looking to build professional relationships with talented artists - and I set up an account for you in my partner program which you have 24/7 access to showing you your activity and revenue

    I offer the people I’m working with 50% of what their partner account on my website generates and ask them and their friends to help promote these projects on social media so the project can really take off and we all win. I supply the links and banners for the social campaigns. The mutual goal is success. Yes I’m asking the creators to also promote their work to be seen in addition to creating it as I have created my side and do the same thing. 50/50 share is super fair.

    1. The photos I supply are people who have requested to be featured in one of my projects with a sign-off of usage forever

    They supply their photos inside an email to me - I’m not just randomly using photos of anyone for a face.

    Also if you would need different angles of their face - I can get you that as there is an actual consensual individual - every time.

    About me :
    I own and run Billboard Charting Music Entertainment Company and am an internationally - sponsored recording artist / music producer / video editor and more.

    I have produced, appeared on and distributed Multi-Platinum and #1 Billboard Charting Artists.

    I’m recently sponsored by a watch brand in Hong Kong with over 243,000 Facebook followers and appear on their main Facebook page as well. They will promote the projects that they have inclusion in.

    I need unique videos for my own streaming / on demand video service that’s ad-free and subscription based with my music that I will launch once I have a few projects completed - not just throwing up tons of content for a monthly fee - but building something different for fans and potential fans - each video project will have value and be promoted properly.

    I hope this helps and I can involve many talented people in this exciting adventure and we as a team can succeed in this.

    Thank you.


  • @TomsGX
    Please see the post to cover both reply’s on my original page. Thanks Tom.

  • @vilters
    I responded in depth on the original post to cover 2 questions that others might have also had.

    Hope that helps.

    Thank you.

  • @brian-0 said in Wanted : Creative Poser Visionaries!:

    I set up an account for you in my partner program which you have 24/7 access to showing you your activity and revenue

    That's not how it works
    Just like a contractor
    You pay whoever takes this deal half (or whatever percentage you and them agree to) Up front and direct to even start the work .. then you get the final image or whatever is being done when they (the artist) get the rest of the money..directly to them.when its finished.
    I've done these things already with a music group's Logo and had to bring them to court to receive my money..as well as many others I know. expect to pay something up front to them and not on a system which you control.(which in the end....they still have to wait for you to send it to them)
    think of it as a deposit
    The artist starts then you change your mind ?...you loss your deposit.

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    What you describe is work on spec combined with brokering while also requiring your hired talent to perform unpaid work promoting you. This is a bad deal for any artist, and as a professional artist and freelance videographer and animator I find it offensive.

    Maybe make an offer in line with the standards and guides presented by the American Graphics Artist guild.

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    Exactly, and what is more :

    Character creators that do this can rarely re-use an existing mesh because of copyright protection issues.

    Poser and DS figures/meshes are always like Victoria Secrets models, slim, thin, 2 meters tall, and in their young 20's.
    "Normal people" are not even close to that so it takes a TON of work and usually the creator has to do the "whole thing". A mesh, a rigging, and the textures and clothing that go with that.

    What is more : Creators will ask for signed documents AND a live video conference, will everybody involved to avoid confusion.

    What is more : All photo's will have to be taken in a "light controlled environment" to avoid color changes and avoid specularity shine on the skin.

    What is more : A pretty detailed contract, on paper, and signed by both.

    Some of us got problems with quality because they could not deliver the photo's required, others got legal issues because they where dealing with stalkers without knowing it. In short: Most of us have seen it all.

    What you "can" do.
    Goto my YouTube page, and look at video1 and 2. See if you can do it yourself.

    Or get a good layer to write up a waterproof contract with all involved.
    The contractor, the creator, and all individuals willing to get their photo's used in such a project.

    best regards, Tony

  • @Brian

    It might be hard to find good talent for a project that has limited funds to get off the runway with.
    But if you have 54 projects to do, it's safe to assume that at some point you'll start generating some funds to invest into your production.

    My specialty is Poser animation, and if you like my work, and can afford a few hundred/min. we might be able to work together in the future.
    Feel free to check out some of the work my team & I put together recently: YouTube

    Good luck on your project!