Workspace for painting in portrait mode ideas (and any painting tips) please :-)

  • Hey all. Glad this forum is still up and going. I thought it was closed down.

    I usually color in PS with a lasso/brush technique. But I am want to learn more of a painterly workflow. I use to oil paint quite a bit. So I put by Cinitq into portrait so I can stand while working and can see my whole image at once.

    I think I'll start with no windows showing and use either the command bar or the quick access (which I have not used yet, so am pretty excited).

    I am struggling with the brushes pressure settings quite a bit as well. Maybe i will make a painting tab with only 4 brushes so I don't get overwhelmed at first.

    So any suggestions, or even share your workspace set up, and I can import it and give it a try? Or even youtube channels you find helpful for this sort of thing.

    Thank you everyone for all the great tips and keeping this forum amazing.

    First attempt:
    0_1532709399779_Screenshot 2018-07-26 14.34.08.png

  • Something like this is working so far. I can use touch or my pen for the quick access buttons. Might make them a bit bigger.

    I think I can tuck the color wheel next to the quick access panel, but I have to set them just right and I move them on accident sometimes.

    0_1532727961771_Screenshot 2018-07-27 14.42.28.png

  • This is a little better. AND I never knew about pop-up windws before. They toggle from the bottom you click. Liking it so far.

    Only problem with setting the windows at bottom, instead of using the red guide to lock them there, is that when you use screen reset, part of the picture will go under those windows.

    0_1532728232259_Screenshot 2018-07-27 14.48.43.png