Creating Animal Figures (mesh)

  • I just got Poser Pro. I am a pen and ink artist and I see a great potential in this program. However, I am wondering if the Poser Pro program will allow me to create my own figures. I want to create scenes with mice in them. I see only one package available and that is for "Lab Mouse". Does Poser Pro allow you to create those meshes and therefore your own figures especially animals? If not what program gives you the ability to create them. Thanks forward for any comments.

    Calvin De Beverly

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    Poser is a "posing and rendering app". It can not build meshes from the ground up.

    To "build meshes" you need a dedicated 3D app like Zbrush,(expensive) or Blender (as good and open source app) .

    To build a moving or "posable figure you need 3 things:

    The mesh, (wireframe build of vertex, edges and polygons. => External app.

    The UV-Unwrap and the textures to "hang on the mesh". => External. app

    The rigging to "move" the parts you want to move like the arms, legs and so on.
    This last part can be done inside Poser.

    And then you can "pose" and "render" your figure in a scene inside Poser.

  • Thank you so very much for the response vitters. I noted that Blender advertises this:

    The software. Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation.

    So I have to ask what do I need Poser Pro for?

    Trying not to be cynical here. I really need to know if I mis-purchased.

    Thank you.

    Calvin De Beverly

  • @calvindebeverly I think it depends on how you develop your workflow. I've been using Blender for many years, but I don't do animation, or movies/videos, and I'm certainly not into game development, so I basically use it only for modeling and UV mapping.

    I have tried some rendering when they first came out with the Cycles render engine a few years ago, and I'm looking forward to the new EEVEE render engine the newest version will have when it's through nightly builds, but I'm used to Poser, and older versions of DAZ|Studio, for doing my final renders. You have to think about what kind of 3D artwork you want to produce, and find the software you find the easiest to use. I know a lot of folks hate Blender's UI, but I've been using it so long, I'm used to it.

    Also remember, Blender's free, so there's absolutely no reason why you can't have both Poser and Blender, because there's no added cost.

  • Thank you Miss B. I have not looked at Blender yet and I probably should before I ask this but does Blender have the "posing" power that I have seen in Poser Pro? If I understand the comments here correctly I am thinking that the best of all possible worlds would be to create figures in Blender and pose out my scenes in Poser Pro. Is that an accurate statement? Oh and the type of work I do is pen and ink illustrations for books. So I want to set up a scene as close to the final rendering as I can and then do the pen and ink work from that drawing or in this case "rendering". Thank you.

    Calvin De Beverly

  • @calvindebeverly Blender will let you rig a figure for movement. I believe there are one or two programs for Blender that will "mostly", but not entirely, automate that process for you. One is called "rigify", which if I recall correctly is actually included With Blender as an add-on. I think the other one is called "Make Human". It is a seperate program made by Manuel Bastioni for creating and rigging human figures for use in Blender. Rigify may be the only one that will work with animals.

  • Thank you all for your wonderfully informative comments. It seems I have a learning curve ahead of me the size of the St. Louis Arch. I am going with "Think It", "Blend It", "Pose It".

    Calvin De Beverly

    And remember if you can't say it in art it's not worth saying at all.

  • Hi I don't know where you were looking for a mouse, but doing a very quick search I found this mouse0_1532877361637_mouse.jpg
    At Renderosity free stuff and there is a mouse for use in poser at DAZ.

    And this is the reason I use poser, if you look hard enough you can find almost anything you want somewhere.

    When I first got poser I found I could create some sort of scene within a day or so.

    When I first downloaded Blender, within a day or so.....I decided I needed to buy a book and find lots of tutorials, and I still haven't got much beyond chapter 1, trying to figure out the interface!

  • @j.naylor73 Ah yes, that's the trouble with being made of Goat's Cheese. The mice will find you eventually [nibble, nibble] ;-)

  • j.naylor73. Yes, Blender seems to be very complex. I have studied it for about 10 hours worth of online tutorials. But it appears to have great versatility at the cost of extreme tedium. I am thankful you took the time to find the mouse figure you have shown. I will use it as soon as I determine how to get it into poser. I used the internal search engine (cloud) but nothing like that showed up. If you would be so kind, how do I actually get that mouse figure? What is DAZ. I am completely new to this whole process. Thank you.

    Calvin De Beverly

  • You can get the mouse here

    You may have to set up an account with the store (Renderosity) to download it.
    DAZ3d is another store. It has it's own software (DAZstudio) which does the same sort of things as poser (and is free, but I've never really liked the user interface). However it sells content, some of which, especially older stuff is compatible with poser. (The two most widely used in poser human figures Victoria 4 and Michael 4 come from DAZ and can be bought there.) I won't put a link to the store here as it might be considered a competitor to Smith Micro.

    There is a thread on this forum which includes a link to a site with a poser content vendor database, produced by eclarke and when starting I found this site useful

  • j.naylor73. Thank you so very much very helpful.

    Calvin De Beverly

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    @calvindebeverly Hello, I am a moderator at Renderosity. If you need any help while there just give me a holler in the forums ... I go by the same name there. Poser is an awesome program and I am proud to promote and help with it's use.

  • @Boni Renderosity is an awesome site! I did download that mouse from Renderosity suggested by J.naylor73. But it took me forever and 3 light years to figure out how to get it into Poser. All the videos showing how to do it were old. And then just by happenstance, I clicked on the File tab and low and behold there was the "Install from Zip Archive" function!. It was all sweet jam and peanut butter from there on out. My little mice are doing back flips! LOL

  • One bit of advice re adding content to poser.
    Poser initially has two libraries, Poser 11 and Downloads. You can easily add new libraries which will help you organise your content and makes it much easier to transfer content if sometime in the future a new version of poser is released with features you just feel must have.

    To do this create a folder somewhere that Poser can read from and write to, usually public documents or such, which you can call whatever you like such as "Animals". In this folder create another folder called "Runtime".

    You will see an + icon near the top right hand corner of the library panel in Poser. Click on this and an explorer window will open, navigate to the folder you have created, either and click ok. This will now create a new library in poser to which you can add content.

    And one other point, purchased content from Renderosity should all load correctly, but some free stuff isn't packed properly. To check look in the zip file and if there is not a folder called runtime as one of the top level folders in the zip you need to install manually. Unzip the file and merge the runtime folder which should be in there somewhere with the runtime you want to add it to.

  • @j.naylor73 Thank you very good information. I wondered about that whole "Runtime" thing. I am not sure I understand it. Am I correct in saying that there is only one Runtime folder that Poser looks at an all-new downloaded content should be placed in that folder? Or do you take the runtime folder from downloaded content and put in an existing folder called runtime? I am not making myself clear. Here is an example of my thoughts:

    Runtime (downloaded 1)
    Some file 1a
    Some file 2a
    Some file 3a

    Runtime (downloaded 2)
    Some file 1b
    Some file 2b
    Some file 3b

    Poser's Runtime folder
    Some file 1a
    Some file 2a
    Some file 3a
    Some file 1b
    Some file 2b
    Some file 3b

    Is that how it is supposed to end up? And if so where does Poser keep this "top-level" runtime folder.?

  • Yes, you merge the runtime folder from content into an existing runtime .
    If you have used default settings for installing poser there will be one runtime folder in with your program files. Never put any content in this.
    There will also be a folder called poser 11content in your public documents. This will have a runtime folder which will contain all the content supplied with poser. It also has a folder in it called "Downloads" which in turn has a folder named runtime. If you install content using the install from zip archive poser puts the content in that runtime by default if you don't change it by the drop down menu.

    But you can add other libraries. Here is a screen cap of my public documents folder!
    Most of those folders have runtimes in them
    And here is what my poser library looks like0_1533324014604_poser.png I have added those runtimes to poser.
    Now when I install content I can choose which runtime I want to install it to from the drop down menu which poser brings up when you install.

    Posers basic library structure is Namedfolder/runtime/ then three folders, geometries,libraries, textures/ then in the libraries folder ten folders which character, pose etc.

    Not sure I've explained this well but hope it helps a bit!

  • And reading your post again, I have should have started my reply with No rather than yes, you can have as many runtimes as you want!

  • @j.naylor73 Ok.

    Thank you.