Graphic Card for Poser? Which?

  • Ooookay. I'd been planning for a new computer for a while, but lat night a nearby lightning strike sorta solved the "when" for me. My comuter frizzed. Won't start. Won't boot. Won't ... anything.

    THANKFULLY all my Poser stuff is backed up on an external drive, and that one IS still working - I checked.

    BUT ... Sice I'm buying a new computer, I want one that's suitable for Poser. And since graphic cards are expensive ... What should I get? I've set my eyes on the GeForce GTX 1060, 6GB, but IS it superior to the 1050? The 1050 is a good deal cheaper. On the other hand ... I'm investing sorta longterm. My now deceased PC served me well for over 5 years.

    So what should I specifically look for, in order to get a computer that runs Poser well?

  • As far as I can tell the only current advantage of having a top notch graphics card is for rendering in Superfly, since everything else is effectively processor limited.

    But clearly if you are going to be rendering a lot in superfly a good graphics card helps (but perhaps not as much as some people would have you believe, see below)

    I seem to recall that there is some problems with (maybe) the 1050 card if it's a 3gb card as Nvidia hanged the memory type without making it clear and this greatly reduced performance. In the end it's a matter of finding reviews, a lot of which include blender benchmarks and this should be a reliable indication of how well the card will work in poser.

    As a matter of interest I tried rendering a standard scene which has a link somewhere on this site if you search for benchmarking I think. I rendered this in superfly with the only change to the settings in the scene being to turn of progressive rendering and when rendering with cpu changing bucket size to 16. I rendered with cpu and gpu on all 3 machines I have poser on and here are the results

    Machine 1
    GPU 750M 2GB render time 3hrs18min

    CPU i7 4770S 3.1GHz, 4core 8 thread render time 1 hr 35 min (NO, I HAVEN'T GOT THESE THE WRONG WAY AROUND!)

    Machine 2
    GPU 980M 6GB render time 36min

    CPU i7 6820HK 2.7GHz 4 core 8 thread render time 1 hr 43min

    Machine 3
    GPU GTX 1080 8GB render time 21 min

    CPU i9 7940X 3.1GHz 14 core 28 thread render time 26 min

    As you can see from this only one machine shows a huge advantage rendering in GU as opposed to CPU, and this doesn't take into account you might be able to get equivalent quality with lower base samples and branched path rendering with the CPU which might be quicker.

    For general poser performance single core cpu performance is probable the most important thing, and even when rendering with the gpu on my machine 3, the single core cpu performance could be a bottleneck as when I checked during a gpu render one core was running at it's maximum turbo boost frequency while the rest were more or less idle.

    So I think it is more important to get a "balanced" machine within your budget rather than concentrate on just the graphics card.

    Hope this is some help, but is only my opinion and I'm sure others will come in with equally (or more) valid opinions.

  • I meant Nvidia changed, not hanged the memory type of the 1050! :-)

  • So ... Processor is more important than the grapics card?

    BTW Since I got P11, I'm only using Superfly. I like it and pretend to understand it ;)

    So is an i5 totally stupid? Sadly the i7 is above budget, unless I cut down on practically everything else ...

  • @j.naylor73 is that the standard scene with Paulina sitting on a couch in a living room?

  • Yes, ghostship, that's the scene

  • Hi @trekkiegrrrl

    Personally I would go with Ryzen 1600X or 1700x from first gen, if budget allows then Ryzen 2600 or 2700 are better chips and will do better job than anything from Intel in similar price range, AMD Ryzen chips I used on few builds for friends, one friend running 2*GTX1080Ti with his 2700 and no issues, ge use his PC for rendering only

    We are thought so build Intel based PC but with his budget we would get i5 with 16GB RAM and two Ti, due this I decided get him Ryzen 2600 with 32GB RAM as he renders as well in other SW than with GPUs and therefore he will just benefit from more cores/threads in rendering

    On other friend build we are used 1950x with 4*GPUs and friend never have any issues, he paid lot less for this build than for Intel based 7980XE

    For SuperFly I would get Nvidia GPU that's without the question, at moment SuperFly still doesn't support AMD GPU which is shame

    Which card, GTX1060 is in rendering fast as GTX980, in some cases is fast as GTX970, only thing what I hate is 6GB VRAM, 4GB is just enough for some larger renders but with 6GB you should have a bit headroom

    Don't get GTX1050 these cards shouldn't be made at all, they're just inferior to anything, slow bus etc

    GTX1070 or GTX1080 I would rather get if budget allows

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

  • trekkiegirl. No an i5 is not stupid, without looking up all the specs as far as I can remember the main difference between i5's and i7's is that i5's don't have hyperthreading, this make a four core machine act like an 8 core machine, but if you are rendering in superfly using your gpu the number of threads is largely irrelevant.

    Just remember that not all 15's (or i7's etc) are equal. If comparing different machines look at the actual cpu specs, what clock speed, and the higher the first number after the newer the cpu generation, (eg and i5-6.... compared to an i5-7....) and there is likely to be a slight improvement for the same clock speed.

    Yes, it's complicated with no simple answer if money was not an issue!

    One other bit of advice, unless you really need to have a mobile computer, to take out the house or whatever, a desktop should give you better performance per pound/dollar/ruble/yen or whatever!

  • Jura, totally agree re Ryzen if you are going for multicore performance, but if you are going to be doing all your rendering with gpu still think something like an i5 8600K will give better performance in rest of poser and it's about same price as 2600 and cheaper than 2700, but I'm only basing this on benchmarks, and user reports, so will bow to your experience.

  • Yeah, I've got a Ryzen 1600x for a little over a year now. No complaints. Get a Mobo that has space for multiple graphics cards so you can expand later.

  • One of my render machines is a first gen I3, 8 gig of ddr3 mem with a GTX 1070 with 8 gig and it works fine. When your doing gpu rendering, the base of the system has very little to do with the render. What is important are things like access speeds (ssd, etc) and the GPU memory and speed.

    Personally I would not get a GTX with less than 8 gig of memory. The cards that have less memory more often than not have less cuda cores as well.

    So in the end, the render system I have has a $400 dollar card, and less than that in the rest of the system.

  • My main computer has a Ryzen 1600, I like to have the possibility for CPU rendering with 16 threads. As a GPU I have an GTX 980, which is often a bit faster than the CPU render. I use branched path tracing with the CPU, by the way.

    Just speculative, Cycles in Blender was changed to be able to use both, CPU and GPU in the same render. Assuming there will be Poser 12 it's not unreasonable to assume that this feature will be included.

    My tip would be a Ryzen 1600x and an GTX 1070 with 8 GB. If it's in the budget, of course.

  • After discussing it with the person in the shhop, I was persuaded to take an i3Gen8 instead. He looked up comparisons ect and it seems I get more bang for my buck this way. I also opted for 16GB of RAM. And kept the 1060 card.

    Now the wait begins. I want the computer NOW ... but since it has to be assembled first ... I'll have to curb my impatience for a few days :(

  • @trekkiegrrrl

    I understand the feeling. I am not getting a new computer, but I am in the process of upgrading the one I have (Mac Pro 4,1). My budget means I have to do it in monthly stages. July was new video card and some more ram. August is more memory and a CPU upgrade. September is the last memory upgrade (along with a CPU upgrade for my backup computer). October through December is hard drive replacements.

  • @ssgbryan from what I can see, we both will be limited to High Sierra as our last OS revision without changing hardware. My mid-2011 iMac 12,2 won't run Mojave according to the official support list.

  • @anomalaus

    Not necessarily - the limiting factor is the GPU and the GPU in your iMac is also in the 2012 iMac, so you should be able to run it, albeit unoffically. Go pop over to There are all kinds of ways to get around Apple's planned obsolescence.

    Stuff like this why I got a the last truly great Mac - the Cheesegrater Mac Pro. Actually, I have 2; a 1,1 flashed to 2,1 (soon to be a media server after I swap out the 2 dual core Woodcrests for a pair of low-power Clovertowns) and a 4,1 flashed to 5,1. They are pretty cheap on ebay right now.

    I can run Mojave. Or rather, I could if Sir Idiot Boy could figure out how to get either High Sierra or Mojave to install on a bootable Raid-0 (That capability is supposed to be coming soon - we are now in the DAZ Soon time-frame.)

    My boot drive consists of 2 250Gb SSDs running in a Raid-0 on an Apricorn duo card - 425Mb write/495Mb read. There are folks that are unofficially running NVMe drives and are getting insane read/write speeds.

    Apple doesn't approve of my video card, but my RX 560 (MSI Areo, 4Gb) works just fine. There are a number of folks that have stuffed multiple GTX-1080 Titans in a Mac Pro (the Pixals mod isn't for the faint of heart, but if you can work a screwdriver and a pair of snips, you can do it).

    Officially it only supports 32Gb of ram; in reality, it can take up to 5 32Gb sticks for a total of 160Gb - I am going for 128Gb myself (8x8Gb) - 64Gb for the operating system, 64Gb for a RAM disk (that will hold whatever runtimes I am using in Poser at the time ;).

    When I move to 6Tb drives, I'll need new drive sleds, but I will have 30Tb internally by 1 Jan.

    Officially, it doesn't support Blu-ray - I have an LG residing in my upper optical bay.

    Officially, it maxes out with a pair of X5570 (4 cores@2.93Ghz) - I am getting a pair of X5680 (6 cores @ 3.33Ghz); max is actually a pair of X5690 (6 cores @ 3.46Ghz)

    The hardware makes it easier to put up with the stupidity that the current "leadership" at Apple provides. That being said, if the 7,1 Mac Pro is as big of a dumpster fire as the 6,1 or the iMac Pro, I'll join the exodus to windows (A threadripper system w/Nvidia GPU).

  • @ssgbryan thank you. You've restored my faith in my current hardware. I did manage to overcome Boot Camp's "nicht und verboten" assessment of my hardware and get Windows 10 installed on a partition. I've already replaced the 250GB pitifully undersized boot SSD with a 1TB SSD and am contemplating the BlueTooth/Wifi board upgrade to support Continuity features (handoff with iPhone). I have a dual 2GHz G5 in the same cheesegrater case, though it's long past being useful for anything other than a very slow external drive.

    I have also been contemplating the cheapest path to faster renders, and it may require the purchase of a Windows box, though I won't give up on the iMac just yet.

  • @anomalaus

    If you decide to go to a windows boxen, I'd recommend a Ryzen/Nvidia combo (or better yet, a threadripper/Nvidia combo). The AMD CPUs are built more for multi-threaded applications, which are the future, whereas Intel worries more about single-threaded performance. From a TCO perspective, it is a no-brainer.

    If you are comfortable with used, get a HP Z6 series off of ebay, they are cheap ($200 - 400), can power multiple Nvidia cards; ram runs about $2.25 per Gb, and you can stuff it to the gills with both ram, hard drives and video cards.

    The sad reality is that Timmy believes that an Apple power user is someone that has both twitter and facebook open at the same time, which is why all of the creative types are jumping ship.

    I suspect that in 10 years, Apple is going to be a much smaller company - as they develop fewer and fewer products outside of phones, all it will take is one major phone fubar to sink the company - the other divisions won't be able to pick up the slack. It is an inherent danger for companies that decide that the future is form over function.

  • Which card, GTX1060 is in rendering fast as GTX980, in some cases is fast as GTX970, only thing what I hate is 6GB VRAM, 4GB is just enough for some larger renders but with 6GB you should have a bit headroom

    Don't get GTX1050 these cards shouldn't be made at all, they're just inferior to anything, slow bus etc

    GTX1070 or GTX1080 I would rather get if budget allows

    I have a 1070 and a 970 in the same machine, so doing direct comparisons is rather easy. Rendering the same scene with the 1070 is much faster, especially with more complex parts of renders like highly complex shaders and hairs. So if a 1060 is comparable to a 970 for some renders and the 1060 6gb can match a 980 at times, the 1070 will still be noticeably faster. And the larger the scene, the more time you'll save. I would definitely recommend the 1070 instead.

    BTW You'd also have 8gb to work with, that's 8 Project Evolutions or two/three figures and a complex scene.

  • @ssgbryan said in Graphic Card for Poser? Which?:

    ... I am going for 128Gb myself (8x8Gb) - 64Gb for the operating system, 64Gb for a RAM disk (that will hold whatever runtimes I am using in Poser at the time ;).

    Just a short note regarding ram modules, i guess you know it anyway. I have a MacPro 5.1 with dual X5680 with 96Gb (6 modules) this way you have triple channel ram access. With 8 modules you have only dual channel access.

    A side note on SuperFly: SuperFly can use up to half of the machines ram memory for GPU rendering (i guess for textures only). It will slow down rendering due to slower access times but its still better than getting an out-of-memory message. Don’t know how well it works with Windows. On MacOS i never had any problems with big scenes.

  • Oh well. My mother in law got generous last night. So I upgraded the order to an i7 with 6 cores.

    Sorry, I have bad experience with AMD processors. Granted it's ages ago and they have most certainly improved, and Ryzen is all the rage ect. But I just prefer intel. I KNOW thy work.