Problems with V4.2 morphs++

  • I've noticed that some of the morphs in the V4.2 morphs++ package behave strangely. For example, when clicked in the Library palette, Young indicates that it is loading, but it does not appear afterwards in the Parameters palette. In addition, some morphs load, but cannot be deleted. For example, Voluptuous loads just fine and operates as expected; however, clicking the Delete button in the Parameters palette displays a confirmation palette entirely devoid of information and nothing is deleted when I click OK. Has anyone any ideas?

    Thank you very much.

  • @abrahamjones it is definitely not my intent to be discouraging with this suggestion, but have you considered asking this question on the DAZ forums, since it is primarily the correct installation and use of one of their most profitable products that is likely to be causing your issues, rather than some problem with Poser directly.

    That said, there are plenty of experienced V4 users on this forum, and I have certainly seen circumstances where full body morphs appear to operate correctly, indicating their ERC value operations are all in place, yet Poser's delete morph function fails to show some or all of the body parts affected by the morph. To troubleshoot, we also need to know what version of Poser you're using, since there have been various iterations of the morph delete function.

    Installation is dependent on correct installation and execution of the :Runtime:libraries:! (for macOS, or .exe for Windows) application, which peruses all of the !DAZ hierarchy for installed components and V4/M4 addon packages and creates the appropriate readScript files which incorporate them into a fully morphed figure when the Poser library morph injection poses are opened.

    On the morph injection side, you have to also correctly load a base V4 figure with the appropriate morph injection channels (as built by the previous step) already in place (though probably hidden).

    It is also not unheard of for there to be typos or omissions in the ExP file hierarchy, which can break the necessary ERC links required to make a morph apply to all of the body parts it affects.

    Just in case you've clicked on a body part with missing ERC to try and delete a full body morph, are you choosing the Body actor on which to perform the delete?

  • @anomalaus

    Thanks very much for yours. Investigating further at DAZ.

  • I'm having a similar issue with the Elite morphs having stopped working. The other morph packs do work as they are supposed to on the base V4 figure.

    I do have this same question posted at the DAZ forums. The kind and very knowledgeable Richard Hazeltine has started the process of solving my issue. However, the software V4 was made with Poser in mind before Genesis and DS only products took over the marketplace. So I think the Poser forum is also the right place to look for answers.

    The problem is the Elite Morphs when applied only puts "Genital Crease" on the parameters dial. I should have a selection of three different body types, Utopian, Sylph, and Fantasia. None of these show up when selected.

    When I take an older figure that I packed with all of the morphs, the Elite parameters show up in the dial palette.

    I could some help.

  • @maestro which version of Poser are you running? If it's P11, you should find the Show hidden parameters in the dropdown menu on the Parameters Palette. With the BODY actor selected, if FBMFantasiaBody or any of the others show up, then you'll need to check whether it's just the hidden status that went wrong or whether the whole injection routine failed.

    Do your Pose library folders include what's shown below?
    0_1533834723121_Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 3.11.18 am.png
    Can you inject any of the Elite morphs individually?

  • When a morph package for V4 only shows genital crease it's usually that v4 hasn't been initialised for that package, you have to run the batch file again.

  • I put in a figure with the Elite Morphs. I then removed the Elite Morphs from the figure and reinjected them. They did show up. It also shows up in the Body Actor parameter. I've been away for a while so I was certain it worked with each body part like abdomen, chest and thigh but I suppose it's only a an entire body type after all. @ anomalaus Thanks for your help! I believe I have everything working again.

  • @maestro Ah! that sounds like linkParm operation, a facility which may have even pre-dated valueOperations (ERC), whereby parameter dial changes on a body part can be propagated back to their master on the BODY. LinkParms are an old technique from around the time of V3? & V4 figures. It is now deprecated (in that it no longer appears in figures bundled with Poser, IIRC), in favour of the masterSync system, which, of course, has it's own set of problems and incompatibilities (just ask @erogenesis about his PE development trials with masterSync. Or better still, don't. I'm sure he doesn't need the stress ;-) ). You still haven't mentioned what version of Poser you're using, so I can't judge whether that would have been a complication.

    Unless you're reloading a V4 figure saved by P11, it won't have any masterSync applied to the FBMs, but should still have linkParms (tied through the bodyMorphs actor, to allow their pose settings to be saved and applied by library poses, back from a time when Poser did not have/save valueParm master parameters on BODY actors. Since exclusively adopting a weight mapped version of V4, I have gone to the extreme length of eliminating both the bodyMorphs actor (which completely relied on linkParms for it's usefulness) and all linkParms in the character, in favour of full valueOperations, which only propagated values from master to slave (until the introduction of masterSync). Thus the figure can still be caught up in double application of morph values with old poses saved in the linkParm regime, where both the master parameter on the BODY and the slave parameters on body parts have non-zero values for their morph dials, doubling the effect, with undesirable consequences. Painful!

  • @anomalaus Thank you for your informative answer. I am sure I saw the different form of the Elite Morphs on various body parts and not just the bodyactor but the mind can play tricks on you. I could be wrong.

    Ouch! Sounds like weight mapping has brought it's on set of headaches. I think I understand the basic premise of Weight Mapping.
    It's where the body part reacts to the weight mapping. A bicep would naturally expand when the forearm is bent, that type of thing. Please correct me if I'm wrong. It's clear you know about the history and I don't. Deep roots is always best if one is to learn.

    Ouch again. I dislike when someone doesn't answer my relevant questions when I'm trying to help them (don't laugh!). Nothing is as relevant than the version. So to answer completely.

    I am using Poser Pro 11 upgraded from Poser 9 with the latest updates. Version
    and Windows 10 is my OS.