Bad case of floaty purse. Hints on how to fix needed.

  • Don't worry you'll understand the title in just a moment. I made a purse for Dawn. I wanted to create a morph to make it open, which I did. And for those who don't know me, I work in Blender. Way I made the purse. and the morph and imported it into Poser. Yes, I kept the vertex order, but the morph moves the purse around inside Poser so that it ends up floating or buried in the ground. Any ideas on how to stop that?

  • What I do when I make morphing props is that I import them both into Poser, as 2 different obj's.

    Align them, inside Poser, in this case make the bags overlap anywhere but the bit that moves. Export them both out everything unchecked (except the parts that keeps the texture ext)

    Then import one of them again, everything unchecked. And import the other one as Morph Target.

    That should do it :)

  • @trekkiegrrrl Thanks TG. I'll give that a shot.

  • @eclark1849 It worked great, TG! Thanks for the advice!

  • @eclark1849 Glad it worked. I'm Poserless until the new computer arrives, and I'm tearing my hair out from withdrawal ;)

    Stuck on one of hubby's old laptops which can barely run Chrome with FB on it. (not sure why, it must have a really shitty CPU, because it has 8gb of Ram so it shouldn't be this laggy) But it most certainly won't run Poser.

    Hm. Perhaps Poser 4. It's almost worth a try XD - just to tide me over.

  • @trekkiegrrrl Great info, and I'm definitely going to have to make a note of this, as I would never have thought of doing it this way.

    Oh and Earl, glad to hear it worked. ~wink~

  • @Miss-B Thanks, Miss B. Now to make that chain strap.

  • @eclark1849 I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  • @eclark1849 glad you got that sorted. I was going to mention that I'd had an issue with creating a morph with a magnet deformer on a parented prop, directly within Poser, unexpectedly translating and rotating the prop when the morph was applied. It turned out (thanks again to the person who suggested it) that I needed to turn off subdivision before spawning the morph, as there seems to be a bug which incorporates the transforms of the original prop when spawning subdivision morphs.

  • @anomalaus I do have one other problem that I noticed, and not quite sure how to fix it or even if I should bother. The purse doesn't "open" it "transforms" from closed to opened. Either way it looks good and does what it's supposed to. It would really only be an issue in an animation.


  • I took some screen shots of the "transformation". Instead of opening like a flip top, it does this:






  • @eclark1849 As you can see, the front panel of the lid goes back through the purse body, then shrinks, folds up and stretches out like an accordion.

    I don't know if I can fix that, how to fix it if I can, or whether I should even bother.

  • That is because morphs are always linear. You can sorta trick it by making a 1/2 closed morph inbetween, then there'd be two different morphs. I suppose you could somehow slave them together, but such things are beyond me.

    If you look at something like my morphing pizza box, it has the same issue. I can't remember if that was the one where I made a "halfway" morph, and being Poser-less atm ... I can't check it.

    The "correct" way would be to rig the flap. But I'm not sure if it's worth the bother for something that would probably mostly be used either opened OR closed :)

  • @trekkiegrrrl That current purse, as Miss B knows, is an updated version of one I started for Dawn two years ago. I actually ran into many of the same problems then, grew frustrated, and just stopped. I tried the rigging then then but wasn't experienced enough to know what I was doing.

  • Heh. But now I hear mentioning of a strap. And a strap ... should be rigged IMO. If you want movement morphs. Soooo you might as well rig the whole thing ;)

    Fortunately, something like this is fairly easy to rig. That is ... it's easy to group and thus not too complicated to rig at least.

  • oooon second thought .. a dynamic strap? Hmmmm ...

  • @eclark1849 exactly as @trekkiegrrrl explained, morphs can only be interpolated linearly. What I have done with props like this (assuming you're not prepared to rig them as a figure, which will solve your problem completely) is to use deformers as child props, with the appropriate rotation driven by a value parameter on the main prop. After you've saved prop and deformers to the library, you can edit the .pp2 (or .ppz) file and replace the obj geometries with a null geometry, so they never appear and interfere with your scene. You can even have a two-stage rotation for the top and the flap, if you shape the zones accordingly. You will also want to set the zone falloff to constant (no falloff), so the rotation won't deform the flap, just rotate it. I do this for hair props all the time.

  • @anomalaus I got a thought here. Could it work with geometry swaps? Incremental ones? Now I'm just brainstorming, but I remember a product, ages ago (Ron's Dial-a-Tile) which made a tileable wall by the means of geometry swaps and a dial to drive that.

    So instead of a regular morph, the dial would just call up different obj's with different stages of opening. (It would still be better to rig it, but right now I'm just skating out of the "what if ..." tangent.)

  • (If anyone wants to see geometry swap in action, just load up the P2 figures and look at the hands ;) The gential on-off is also done with geometry swapping, that one is just built into Poser)

  • @trekkiegrrrl geometry swapping is incompatible with unimesh geometry and, I believe, subdivision, but I may be wrong on the last. That's not to be confused with replacing a body part with a prop, which is implemented as a simple (and permanent) replacement of the body part's geometry reference with that of the prop, rather than the previous alternate geometry scheme, where a uniquely interpolated (i.e. ordinal valued) channel could drive the selection and display of different geometries.

    I ran into both of these problems when upgrading all of my figure definitions to subdivision, after upgrading to Poser Pro 11. Some figures (with alternate geometry) couldn't support subdivision and the alternate geometry didn't work at all when I had changed the figure type to Unimesh.